Thursday, May 5, 2011

Huddleston's Twitter Hiatus

UNH President Mark Huddleston has been a force to be reckoned with since he joined twitter. He has used the social media network to spread news, talk about his personal life, post creepy pictures of Philip Seymour Hoffman sleeping on a train, and have epic twitter-wars and battles (twars? Twattles?) with his impostor Prez Huddleston. But the real Mark Huddleston has been on a Twitter hiatus since April 24th, over a week without one single HuddleTweet.

Wednesday morning I reached out to readers to see what you think President Huddleston might have been up to during this time away. I didn't get the responses I hoped and some weren't really that good, but here is list of my own and the best user submitted ideas to try and find the one true answer to this question. Where is Huddleston and why isn't he tweeting his every action?
  • He is coordinating an attack against the Maine Black Bear, Bananas #OperationRivalryOver 
  • Flying his plane around the world
  • Killing Osama bin Laden
  • Flew the helicopter during the Osama raid
  • No one knows, air traffic lost contact as he flew through the Bermuda Triangle
  • Wire tapping AAUP emails and phone calls
  • Trying to bribe officials in Concord, which was counteractive because he was using UNH's money
  • Huddled up in the corner of his T-Hall office because he lost complete confidence in himself
  • Lost total confidence in is tweeting ability 
  • He was at the Royal Wedding, consoling the British over their loss of money due to the high expenses the wedding cost the public. He's very familiar with having to explain poor spending habits.
  • Finding ways to increase our tuition without letting us know
  • Overseeing architectural  plans to renovate Ham-Smith and Nesmith (just kidding!)
  • Preparing to announce that he will be Donald Trump's running mate
  • Working on his own Wikipedia page 
  • And his own imposter Prez Huddleston said: "I've been eating a lot of comfort food. That A-A-f'ing-U-P things wasn't good for the ol' self esteem."
One final thing on Huddleston, if you go to his UNH page, there is a link to "download a high resolution image of Mark Huddleston." It's only a little creepy. I might print it out and keep it on me and have him autograph it if I ever bump into him around campus. Seriously, what is the point of that picture? Do they think students are going to print it out and put it on their desk? Seems weird to me.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

President Huddleston has broken his twitter silence to me! Twice! He wrote:

@UNHblog Sorry. Stuck in Royal Wedding after-parties. Back in time though to accept new PTP offer to match up to $100K in 2011 class gifts.

@UNHblog Also just accepted today nice gift of $100K for UNH library from Barnes & Noble.

Not too shabby President Huddleston. You get a pass on this one.

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  1. good stuff, even better that he replied.