Thursday, May 12, 2011

UNH Housing Cracking Down... Even More

Just when I thought that the year was winding down and UNH would not be providing me with any inspiration, I woke up to this email in my inbox:

Dear Gables resident,
The past weekend at the Gables our staff and the UNH Police dealt with a lot of loud parties, underage drinking, and vandalism. UNH Police made several arrests, several students were transported to the hospital, and others are pending charges through the conduct system. With just two weekends to go in the semester (one for those of you not attending commencement), we need your cooperation at keeping things from getting to that point again. Remember that 24 hour quiet hours are in effect through Commencement. Any conduct issues that occur from now until May 22nd will result in conduct hearing during the summer. Even those who are attending graduation are not immune from having their diplomas withheld by UNH due to conduct issues. This weekend, there will be Apartment Staff presence along with increased Police presence at the Gables. If your apartment is excessively noisy or is hosting a party, you should expect to see someone knocking at your door.
Thanks for your cooperation and good luck on exams and finishing up for the semester.
Michael Saputo
Assistant Director

What? The last legitimate weekend of the semester, one that was Cinco de Mayo weekend and included nicer weather and a concert, and college students were drinking! What a shame. What is wrong with you people? How are going to get anywhere in life when you drink alcohol on the weekends. We're in college to learn people, not party...

As a Gables resident I was pretty surprised by this email. I can't recall last weekend being any louder or more hectic than most weekends at the Gables. In fact the two nights from the year I recall being the "worst" were homecoming and the afternoon and night of the Wiz Khalifa concert. Homecoming, my building and the entire complex was trashed, last weekend did not compare. I remember having our window open this weekend and thinking that there were a decent amount of parties and apartments raging, but it really didn't seem too much out of the norm.

I also want to add that it is absolutely ridiculous that there will be increased staff and police presence at the Gables this weekend. The increased staff and police presence is only going to be a waste. It is 24 hour quiet hours and anyone having a party this weekend is an idiot... although my apartment is planning a modified case race with a few friends, but we are keeping it very small because of the noise issue. (Although, I do think 24 hour quiet hours is a bit excessive for a Friday and Saturday. I understand that finals are important but if we had say 8-11 PM "social hours" that would be a great way to ease some stress. And let's face it, anyone who is studying on a Friday or Saturday night should be at the library anyways. Sundays are for studying, everyone knows that.)

In other news, salaries for every tenured track professor, associate professor and assistant professor have been released. Check them out to see how much you least favorite professors make and how little your favorites make. In my three years at UNH, my absolutely favorite professor was actually just a lecturer and she isn't being hired back next year. I've had her three times and I'm pretty upset, but what can you do. The UNH history department is ranked 18th in the entire country so there isn't much for me to complain about.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. what?! the history department here is ranked 18th in the country? damn... that makes me feel a little better graduating with my history ba in a week.

    who is it that's not being hired back? a hint maybe? class she's taught before? i have one person in mind, and i hope it's not her...

    that email is just ridiculous.
    oh noes, the students have been drinking!!!!! on the 'holiday' that means nothing to Mexico and is literally an excuse to Americans to drink... ya we were all being little angels.
    gag me.

    side note:

    the link to the pdf of the sallaries isn't working for me, but if you go here:
    scroll down to the bottom of this article, there's a list of salaries by amount. probably not as readable as the pdf, but just in case the pdf wouldn't load for other folks as well.

  2. Yeah, I guess the rankings were by professor awards, publications and grants... the lecturer I was talking about was Silos...

    Hmm, the link is working for, but thanks for the link.

  3. UNH housing is ridiculous. I was almost evicted from housing for having a few people in my room drinking with only 4 BEERs found. I mean i understand that it was wrong but to sacrifice housing for what a huge percent of the campus does is outrageous. They really need to lighten up, it's a college campus. Drinking is only illegal if you're under 21, and i have 6 months to go. I could understand if it were drugs, that are completely illegal, but come on! I'm just very disappointed with how this university handles it's students, no tolerance is no way to treat this situation.

  4. Silos was honestly the worse professor I've ever had at UNH. I did well in her class, so that isn't the reason for my dislike. I just felt like she was obsessed with ramming her political views down everyone's throats. I did have her during her first class at UNH so maybe she has improved, but it doesn't sound like it since she isn't being brought back.

  5. UNH's Policy: get as many kids in trouble to weed out the "bad seeds" so that only "good" kids come here... doesn't seem to be working well and only back fires.

  6. From what I've heard Silos is hit or miss with students. She seems to have held more of her political stances back recently, but it's definitely noticeable. I just feel she can be a greatly effective lecturer, plus her expertise is in my focus. I had her for 406 as a freshman and that class made me decide to be a modern US focus... I believe she's taught off and on here for years and at a few other schools as they've needed her.

  7. NewHampshirite, I'm living in the Gables next year, I expect to party with you.

  8. Oh damn, Silos is really intelligent, I would have really liked to have taken one of her classes. She filled in for my thesis class for a few weeks while Diefendorf was recovering from surgery.
    Too bad she's been let go, but I'm sure she won't have a hard time finding employment at another college.

  9. So when blogger went down all the comments on this post never returned. Oh well, I felt there was actually a decent discussion going on.

  10. Take it with a grain of salt, but of the rate-my-professor pages I could find for the 10 highest paid professors (only 6 had pages), the average overall rating was a 2.53.

  11. "The increased staff and police presence is only going to be a waste. It is 24 hour quiet hours and anyone having a party this weekend is an idiot..."

    And the staff and police would like to teach idiots a lesson. I have no problem with them increasing their presence during the most important time of the year for students. Also, your "social-hours" idea is sort of already being done. The library had (or has had, I can't remember the specific date) a "primal scream" to release tension and stress. There are numerous campus activities that went on over the past week. There are signs up all over the MUB and other "common" areas about seeking help if you are stressed. I think it is the lack of proximity to the rest of the campus that puts Gables at a disadvantage in that regard since it's less likely for Gables resident's to happen upon these notices.

  12. who was your favorite professor?

  13. Silos. We had a few comments on this but they got lost when blogger went down.