Sunday, May 22, 2011

Email Fail

I'm supposed to be on vacation, and by that I mean that I start work in the morning, but we have only been gone for just a few days and UNH has already done something so irresponsible that it is blog worthy. Okay, maybe "irresponsible" isn't the right word, but the new UNH "wildcats" email sucks. Bad. I'll admit, the old system was far from perfect, but in the lightest sense, at least it was simple: "" is much better than and faster than "", plus now we have to log in twice. Upon a few test runs it seems as though the new system might be a little cleaner, but the whole "wildcats" thing and double log-in is annoying. It looks better, but as far as I can tell it is actually has less features. I did run a test and emails sent to our old addresses are forwarded to the new ones. Who knows, maybe I should have read the email they sent about it a few weeks back more clearly. Blackboard has never been great, but I've only heard complaints about the new email. I don't know, maybe I'm being over the top and I should have paid better attention, but I like things short and simple. They're easy to remember. I feel like our new emails are some type of NASA code or something. What's next? "

Dear UNH,

       KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)


The New Hampshirite

If blackboard was an physical object, this would be me:
That felt good.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

UPDATE: I'm told the new email was a unanimous decision by the student senate to switch to "LIVE". I told you to vote for me!


  1. I kind of like the new email system, mainly because now I can actually get my school email on my droid. Other than that, it's just ok.

  2. you could have done that before anyways......

  3. I tried. Many times. I could never figure it out haha

  4. the new e-mail is so annoying you have to open a whole new window actually 2 and login twice..what happened to click oh theres my e-mail NOPE! Logged on noticed this and became immediatly irritated!

  5. shit sucks...its not as user friendly as the normal "live" mail since its just the web app instead of the full/real version...once again, UNH cuts corners, and screws over the students...

  6. agreed, pain in my arse

  7. easiest way to deal with this whole set-up is to set your new email to forward all of your messages to an easier e-mail provider. such as gmail. much, much simpler.