Monday, May 16, 2011

Cat Crew Knows What's Up

One of my friends who was accepted into the Cat Crew for next year texted me this picture from their marketing manuel:

Although I got to say, what's up with "one of the most popular bloggers representing the UNH campus?" Is there someone else I don't know about because I'm pretty sure I'm the top dog when it comes to UNH blogging. I'm not being cocky here, but seriously, is there? Either way, you got to love the Cat Crew, they always provide laughs between hockey periods and basketball timeouts. Maybe next year I can help them advertise for some promotions... I'm thinking a best sign at a hockey or basketball game contest? Cat Crew, aka the kids I know in it or Gnarlz, I'll be in touch next semester.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Yeah you are the top dog when it comes to blogging, I'm the only other UNH blogger that I know of and Ill admit you got me so

  2. I think most of the UNH-centric blogs have either changed their focus or become defunct. I'd say you have this all wrapped up at this point.