Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Blog Awards and Other Stuff

First off, I have a few UNH Blog Awards I forgot to handout last week. One came via the comment section.

Chris Hanson Creepiest People Award: Users and Defenders of the Alumni Camera

The Scott Hanson Award for Worst Hockey East Official: Scott Hanson

UNH Blog Alumni Award: Corey! (Snagged a writing job while Geoff asked his name to be removed so he could apply to some government jobs and Fox News in DC. Really Geoff? Fox News over the blog!?!?!) Just kidding, but seriously... we love all our blog alumni.

UNH Produced Song of the Year: (Our first tie ever!) John That "Drug Song" and The Cave Boys "Change the World."

UNH Produced Parody/Rewrite of the Year: "White and Ghetto" by NEWD Films.

Strangest UNH Promo Video that I could find on Youtube in a couple minutes: On Campus Apartments:

Despite today being a reading day I had a pretty busy day around campus so I don't have much to write about right now. Going to classes and seeing and hearing people talk around campus is usually how I get inspiration and ideas for topics, so I'm lacking some creativity right now. I had a banquet this morning (New Hampshirite pulling in some academic acknowledgement, do work son) and some review sessions this afternoon, but they did not provide for the same type of inspiration. I'm sitting here with a nice glass of Evan Williams and diet coke so maybe something will pop into my head soon enough, but for now here's a video that was posted on Barstool. I usually don't post their UNH videos they have (usually out of slight jealousy that kids sent it to them) but this one was just too good for me to pass up. I'm not a person who goes to the gym, but this video had me cracking up.

I know Barstool is huge, but these are the type of videos from around campus I'd love to get. Please send stuff like this my way if you ever come across it. For all you weird music fans out there like me, Man Man released their new album today. They're a funky experimental band out of Philly and I once saw them open up a show in Boston. They came out in all white with war paint and after their set I realized what LSD is like.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. haha i've seen white lightning there many times! he does the nutties frickin things. I've seen him put 5 or 6 plates on each side of a barbell and then just grab it and lean one way, lifts it about an inch. does that about 20 times in rapid succession then switches.. pretty sure it works your wtf muscles

  2. I'm not sure what's worst:

    -a kid that doesn't know what he's doing when lifting


    -a dude recording another dude at the gym
    maybe he gets the chris hanson award lol

  3. They make it look so obvious haha

    At first, his hair looks like a beanie or something. Weird.

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