Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Well Nonsensical Nation, another year is behind us. It was easily my best year at UNH and I can honestly say every year has gotten better so I already can't wait for the fall. I made some great new friends, kept in touch with old ones and took downtown by storm once I turned the big 2-1. (Sorry bank account.) I have some really big plans for the end of the summer heading into the school year and I'm really excited to get started on that project. Let me say that this year will be my last at UNH (unless I go the grad school route which isn't completely ruled out yet) so I am planning on not holding back and giving it hell one last time. That being said, I'll be writing this on my own and I really can't say what will become of this blog this time next year. I do have plans for my own blogging future and that will become apparent as next semester approaches. However, we have a long summer ahead of us and much like last year I don't plan on blogging too much over vacation. I'll check in from time to time if I experience good stories or if any major UNH news happens. Before I go I do have a few shout-outs to give that I missed or was to busy with classes to pay attention too. The UNH men's Volleyball team captured the DIAA National Championship earlier this semester and the Women's Track and Field team took first place at the New England Regional Tournament. University of No Hardware no more, with respect to the 85 Women's Lacrosse team and 1998 Women's Hockey (wasn't a NCAA sport at the time). 

I'm gone fishin' for the summer UNH, have fun and keep in touch. I'll be checking in, but see you all next fall for one last year long bash. That is it for now. We may only have about a half-hour left on earth, so I'm heading to my secret bomb shelter and curling up in the fetal position. 

And now I leave you with my ultimate summer jam. This one is for all you readers and for all the kids who heard this blasted at midnight throughout the semester. See ya next year gang.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Women's swimming and diving won the ECAC Championship as well!

  2. Great year. looking forward to another one on this blog!

  3. the theme song for my summer, best bang ever

  4. While I know you are "gone fishin'" PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put something up about the new email... it is ridiculous and irritating... just like everything UNH tries to "improve".

  5. I know! I've been meaning to. It really is a pain in the ass, I didn't realize we would lose our old inbox and all that. Plus all the people/places who have my old UNH email. Maybe I should have read the email they sent more clearly, but I didn't think it would be a complete overhaul... plus, it sucks.

  6. How I took the email was that it wasn't really changing all that much just the "cisunix" would be "wildcats" but still not necessary to receive emails. It even said that if you forward your email nothing would change. False! This is a pain setting this back up again.

    Also, did you notice that there is no "select all" or "mark as read" buttons? You have to open and delete each one-by-one. Shouldn't this program be MORE advanced than the previous one? Not in reverse?