Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A UNH History Lesson

Today and tomorrow mark the 41st anniversary of the only major student strike in UNH's history. Although the university does not acknowledge the strike, the final two weeks of classes were turned into voluntary workshops and finals were cancelled. All of this was over the freedom of speech and the Vietnam War, but on May 4th, 1970 the infamous Kent State shootings took place and across the country universities protested, rallied and went on strike. On May 5th, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and David Dellinger, three members of the Chicago 7 appeared at UNH's Lundholm Gymnasium to give a "lecture." The rest is history. The Union Leader did its thing (conservative propaganda), the speakers smoked joints on stage, The UNH Student Body President was charged with contempt of court for allowing the men to speak at night, and the strike was official. There is a documentary on this very week in May at UNH in 1970. Here is the trailer:

I actually own a digital copy of the full documentary (it's only about 30 minutes) but blogger won't let me upload it. 

Last year the Peace and Justice League held an event and showed the video. I attended it and it remains on one of the best events I've attended, if not the best, during my time at UNH. Here is my full reaction and description I wrote last year of what went down during that historic week at UNH. It's pretty crazy stuff and it makes me wish the majority of the student body were still active like that and not just a select few.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

PS: I am working on an interactive post. The usually active President Huddleston has been away from twitter since 4/24. Let me know what you think he's been up to during that time. Feel free to use any plane flying or loss of confidence pun you feel necessary.

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  1. For those interested:

    There will be a small showing of the Mayflowers documentary about the UNH Strike tonight in MUB Theater II at 7pm. Hosted by the UNH Peace and Justice League.

  2. That is the coolest story! (I just read your 2010 article). Damn I wish I went to that- just think if that were to happen today what would happen all over campus. Down with the institution! Now days kids riot to Red Sox games and SCOPE's spring climax concert choices...sad sad. I feel like another reason is there just aren't that many people in the public eye who speak on topics such as anti-war and tyranny and who scream to blow the mother-f-ing brains off the man in the mtn (RIP). I think you should start the ball rolling