Monday, May 9, 2011

Finals week means one thing to me...

It is the last week of finals at UNH and you know what that means! Books for cash at the book store and cash for booze at the booze store. As I see it: Books = cash and cash = booze, so books = cash = booze, therefore books = booze. If I paid attention to math I'd tell you what property that is, but I call it The New Hampshirite's Property of Alcoholism. (Even further, do the "boo" cancel each other out, therefore making it ks = ze? Whoa, I just blew my own mind.)

I just finished my last paper of the year and now I only have three exams to go until freedom. Actually, I have three exams to go until I have to start working, which I can't blow off like classes because I'm too hungover from drinking half a handle of cheap whiskey the night before. So actually I have three exams to go until I actually have to be semi-responsible. I swear that college is the real vacation.

Over the weekend I made some pretty big decisions regarding the blog next year, which is going to be my senior year (ooohhhh shit) and the last year I'll be writing this. But do not fear. I have some ideas that I'm really excited to work on this summer. Let me just saw that jaws will be dropped, minds will be melted, babies will cry and guts will be busted. For now, it remains a secret, only to be known as its code name "Project August." (First step of Project August is finding a different code name because Project August already means something else to me.) I am really excited and looking forward to the final year of this blog, but do not fear, The New Hampshirite will never die. Next year, history will be made and it will be my one last chance to raise hell and live vicariously through this identity.

Until then, good studying, good year and good luck. I'll be checking in throughout finals week, posting small things here and there as well as some random posts over the summer. It's been fun and I'll be on campus through the 18th, so I'll try to keep the posts daily until then.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. I believe that would be the transitive property.