Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did Media Relations rip off my Thompson for Hobey video?

UNH Athletic Media Relations finally set up a Thompson for Hobey Facebook fan page and even a website. Thompson leads the nation in goals and is putting the rest of Hockey East to shame in the major offensive categories. Keep voting everyday, but do to voters hacking the system it will probably take until the next round for fan voting to even factor in. (Although fan voting is such a small percent anyways.)

The UNH Athletic Media Relations even designed a Thompson for Hobey video, which is eerily similar to the one I made, but is also had much better production value. They had access to actual video footage and obviously some better software and, I mean, they even spelt his name right! See for yourself:

Mine (released January 14th)

Theirs (released today):

Okay, the Media Relations video is obviously a lot better, I have very limited editing ability/knowledge/technology, but they may have blatantly ripped me off. What do you think: simple coincidence or did they Carlos Mencia me? Either way, I'm pumped UNH is pushing strong for this and hopefully Thompson will bring the Hobey back to Durham. More importantly, hopefully the team will keep winning. They have a tough task with red hot #11 Merrimack this weekend.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. yes. yes they did. wow.

  2. hahahah.....wait, WOAH

  3. New Hampshirite just got ripped off big time!

  4. Thompson finally has a percentage of the votes!

  5. whats the song in the new hampshirites?

  6. Both videos use "Two Step" by Dave Matthews Band.. its the song the team takes the ice to.