Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nomination Time

It is that time of the year Nonsensical Nation for you to start submitting categories and recipients for the 2nd annual UNH Blog Awards. Last year the nomination process was just Corey and I spending an afternoon before finals week thinking of people to make fun of and/or honor. However, I've decided to step it up this year and ask the readership for nominations. If I wasn't poor I might even splurge on a few prizes. That isn't foreshadowing. I'm poor and nobody is getting nothing. It may seem a bit early, but we are almost halfway through the second semester already and I want to have plenty of time to examine all the possible ideas for the categories and winners. I am even planning on posting a poll later on for a few of the categories. The final winners will be announced before the last week of regular classes in early May. That might seem like a ways off, but it will come faster than you think. (That's what she said?)

Side bar: It is weird if I "that's what she said" myself in a post? I've done it a few times and it makes me chuckle and my roommate said the last one I wrote made him laugh, so I think it's okay, but I'm not really sure.

Back on topic: So you're probably wondering, New Hampshirite, how do I make category and nomination submissions? It's simple. Leave a comment on this post, but if you don't want to ruin the surprise for other readers, send me an email (, message The New Hampshirite on twitter or on facebook or on our facebook fan page (like us while you're there!)

Categories can be related to anything about this blog or UNH in general from "Best Comment" or "Best Place to Party" to "Best Professor," "Best Class" or "Best UNH Sports Game" etc. (Similarly, "worst" awards will also be giving out. Those are just as fun to think of.)   Check out last year's awards for more ideas and let us hear what or who you want to be recognized (or made fun of). Nothing and nobody is off limits, so let me know what you want to see. Help me, help you.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. I nominate Helen Keller and Anne Frank for their continued dominance in Apples to Apples

  2. the 5-4 maine game has to be game of the year...

    your roommate for that cabinet pass out

    media relations for ripping you off

  3. Pretty recent, but the kid who drank pee from the bottle in line for Wiz

  4. Best UNH Sports Game: White out the Whitt against Maine (hockey)

    Worst UNH Sports Game: White out Lundholm against Maine (basketball) --> lamest crowd ever (except for every other basketball game)

  5. post with most hilarious comment section: UND fans cheating on the hobey baker ballot

  6. Maine guy for witty, although sometimes annoying comments. they're prob on purpose since he is a 'rival' but he plays the role well.

    something about UNH being #1 drug school (or daily beast?)

    something about the williamson RA scandal too

  7. Good call on the RA one... I was already thinking Daily Beast for incompetence or #1 drug school for most overblown story. Keep the ideas coming!

    And yeah, the Maple Leaf/ND comments, wiz drinker, athletic media relations and others above will definitely get something. Thanks everyone!

  8. side note:

    I heard from your roommate that you "that's what she said" yourself all time...

    (...get it, it's a masturbation joke!)

  9. if you have to explain the punchline it ruins the joke

  10. Best spit bubble?