Friday, February 4, 2011

White Out Weekend

The day has come. The Maine game. I have been looking forward to today since the men's hockey schedule was released. I'm literally too excited to really write... and I have to take care of some business before the game so this is gonna be quick.

1) Fuck any student who tried to sell their tickets to this weekend's game. It is one thing if you're going to one game, but give the other ticket to a friend. We're poor college students who love our hockey team. We already have to pay an athletic fee so we can go to games for free. You are scum. Give your ticket to a friend.

2) I guess the Maine Guy is coming down for the games. He's one of my best friends from high school. That being said, I hope he isn't physically harmed tonight... just emotionally.

3) I want the UNH student section to start doing this:

Stay safe out there and party on!

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. The kids at Utah State copied that from the San Diego State Basketball team which was shown nationally on ESPN

  2. If we could get our student section to do that it would be unbelievably epic.