Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo and Caption Contest

First off, I proclaim that no matter how old you are, snow days are still the greatest thing in the world. Sorry to everyone who had to go to their morning classes, but my classes don't start until noon on Friday so I was pretty pumped at the timing of the curtailed operations. I have a feeling tonight's student section might be a little rowdier than usual due to students celebrating the day off. I expect a loud crowd tonight, I don't want any of that bullshit that went on in UConn's student paper where the editors asked students to not be so loud and rude at games. The crowd is a huge part of what makes college sports so awesome and UNH is known for having one of the best hockey crowds in the country. Let's give Northeastern a good ole' UNH welcome tonight. The Huskies have been playing well lately, so I expect a great game. UNH is neck and neck with BC and Merrimack at the top of Hockey East so these last four games are crucial. I heard there will be thunder sticks again tonight.

Photo and Caption Contest. Pick the grosser or more bizarre food combo and throw in a caption while your at it:

This is food my friend made last night:
That is banana, butter and maple syrup on white bread.

This is a food concoction one of my roommates ate last semester:

That is apple-dapples (Apple Jack ripoff) with pasta, sauce and whip cream... and coffee.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. the banana thing looks pretty good actually

  2. the second one looks like the dish return drain at hoco.

  3. You utter bastard, my classes END at 12, so I got utter fuck-all.

  4. Anonymous @ 4:14...that's EXACTLY what it looks like. It probably smells the same too

  5. this is your brain on drugs...

  6. to the pasta "where's the beef!"