Monday, February 7, 2011

This is why we can't have nice things

Why yes, that is a pot full of pasta, an unopened PBR and a coffee pot (with a Coke can in it) all inside of our apartment's dishwasher. Luckily, we also didn't decided to try and run it. The funny thing is, the roommate who proclaimed "how much of a drunken idiot do you have to be to do this" turned out to be the very one who did the deed.

In short, I had quite the crazy weekend. I hosted an old high school friend (Commenter "Maine Guy") and a few of his friends who go to UMaine for the weekend, so that made UNH's two wins even sweeter. I'll have more on how all that went tomorrow. After Friday night's demolition of Maine the guys returned to Saturday night's game with a fake UNH Championship plaque without any years listed below it, a knock on UNH never winning a National Title. After the second win, and season sweep, we allowed them to hang it on the wall, but I made sure to make one final adjustment:

The way this year's team has played, I'm confident I'll be adding "2011" in a few months, which is the real reason I'm keeping their little gift.

I was in quite the celebratory mode Saturday night following the game and decided to try a Lambeau Leap over the kitchen counter. Can't say that I made it. Not my proudest moment. I wasn't going to say that, but if it were one of my roommates I'd never let them live it down. I try to be fair.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. epic photo! Looks like the weekends are just getting better and better for New Hampshirite!!

  2. It was a sad hockey weekend for me because Maine lost both games but actually it was awesome for a few reasons:

    First, Gustav Nyquist had been struggling, not having scored since the last time Maine played UNH at the Alfond. So it was really a treat to watch him get off the snide with his first career hat-trick on Friday. (I saw him in class this morning and congratulated him and handed him a hat he deserved - i like think maybe he's gonna save that hat and hang it in his own personal trophy case that I'm sure will grow by the end of his hockey career here)

    Second, Saturday night's hockey game was awesome. yeah Maine lost and that sucks, but that was a crazy awesome hockey game and any fan would enjoy it. (I still can't believe nyquist missed two really prime opportunities including that open net shot that pinged off the post) or that Beattie lost an edge near mid ice causing a turnover that lead to an un-real Thompson goal for the UNH win.

    lastly, I was un-impressed with UNH's student section. You literally know only 3 words. sieve, suck, and you. don't get me wrong, it's great that you got to say it so much this weekend but you all look bored, tired, (probably just really high) Your band is quiet and you guys only chant/cheer when your stupid board prompts it. additionally the ice at the Whitt is terrible... they barely shave and don't lay any water down in-between periods...

    grow up throwing a fish on the ice is immature - you don't see us throwing a lobster on the ice in Maine...(though maybe we should do that)

    your sound people are idiots - you should've had a 2 minute penalty when they continued playing music during game-play for 30 seconds or so

    i have other thoughts but i also have writer's block - constantly actually- but here are some notes

    -Henrion's wrist shots are filthy
    -thompson's overweight
    -posters supporting maine are clearly seen in the background of intermission interview with i think Sislo) during first game - WIN -
    -thundersticks are terrible things to give fans (except then someone said the pick-up line "wanna blow my thunderstick and bang later?" and that made them okay.
    -New Hampshirite can NOT jump
    -who the hell engineered the whitt and the stupid stairwells to get back to mainstreet? parkings a pain in the ass
    -the amount of people afraid to walk through a puddle 1 inch deep was shameful
    -the new hampshirite's roommates are awesome, all of them, awesome

  3. I remember the one thing I really did want to compliment UNH fans on, seriously, I did hear something I liked:

    "heeeeeeey! baby, I wanna' know, will you be my Sieve?!" - Not gonna' lie I enjoyed that, thoroughly. Awesome sieve chant.

    (not so awesome the drunk facebook post a unh fan put on my wall that said "UNH!!! Seive.. seive.. seive..) and no it wasn't the new hampshirite

  4. I personally think our student section is pretty good. Better than Maine's student section (yes, I have been to both arenas and witnessed both)

    The fish throwing is a tradition that has been done for a long time now. Stop bitching about it (and everything else, actually)

    New Hampshirite, this Maine Guy sounds like an arrogant, bitchy, old man

  5. a few rebuttals -I was telling one of your friends that our Maine game student sections aren't as good because so many non-regular students go just because it's Maine... our crowds for BC/BU are actually usually more in-sync and louder on the longer chants. - plus bigger arena makes some of the sound get lost. it's a lot different when you're that far away. trust me, i've sat at that far end where you guys where before and the sound really does get lost in there.

    -I heard via twitter that our regular sound people (kid from scope) was gone for the the weekend with the scope crew

    -that staircase does suck, thats why we go the long way or do the old hill climb

    -I've been told the Whit has always has softer ice - home ice advantage i guess- makes skates dig in deeper. not sure if its true but I've heard that before. (plus there were women's games those afternoons so the ice never had a chance to recover)

    -the fish on the ice has always been a tradition after UNH's 1st goal. If we get shut out they leave it on President's front porch.

    -my roommates enjoyed your presence. we'll have to make a return trip.

    -UNH parking is the worst thing in the history of bad things (okay, maybe 4th after the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor and 9/11)

  6. two key moments i remember from the games besides the obvious:

    1)although not practical, Di Girolamo's headbutt clearance of the puck in friday's game was pretty sweet

    2)how funny was it when john the announcer actually replied to the "one minute" chant

  7. Jon saying "You're Welcome" was by far one of the best parts of the weekend.

  8. just because your fish tossing is a tradition doesn't make me like it..

    if you through the president on the ice and a fish lived in his house then maybe you'd be onto something

    the di girolamo headbutt was awesome btw, mainly because it was obvious he did it on purpose, and it was oddly enough effective

    i don't understand how your student section thinks its okay to take games off - that's all im saying

    our announcer says your welcome after every 1 minute thank you, its just the polite thing to do.

  9. it's not that the student section takes games off, it's that non-regular attendees don't know all the chants and mess them up...

  10. So you admit your student section has a serious problem. The real issue I saw, was that if i was there just to see a hockey game, other than the game saturday which was awesome, the whitt is not an atmosphere i'd wanna go see a game at, it's boring/annoying

  11. I think one of the best parts of the weekend was when Gnarlz and Wild. E. Cat crowdsurfed in the student section.. so ridiculous.