Monday, February 21, 2011

Hiking through College Woods

Is it just me, or is it harder than usual to get into this semester? Maybe it's just because the classes I'm taking have really inconsistent work flow (last week I had two exams and three papers, this week I have nothing but reading). I mean I've done really well on everything, but it just seems like we're still in the first week of classes. But with spring break just a few weeks away midterms are already rapidly approaching. Anyways, the other day a few friends and I ventured out into College Woods. We probably hiked around four or five miles and it was awesome. I always forget how cool it is in there. I don't think enough students appreciate the trails that seem to go on forever and a lot of us take them for granted. I've lived in New Hampshire my entire life and have always been lucky to have a lot of old growth forest around me, but I still get a lot of pleasure for a nice leisurely hike through the woods with some friends. It can be very peaceful and also fun. Next time you feel a little stressed or something get a group of friends together and go for a little hike through the woods. You won't regret it.

You may not be able to take full advantage of the river, but you will have fun.

As for the rest of my weekend, well it was pretty interesting to say the least, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Our room's quote of the weekend was probably this little exchange: "Do you have any hot sauce?".... "No... but we do have whiskey."  

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Which means tomorrow is Tuesday night. Which means none of you have anything better to do then going to the last men's home basketball game of the season. It is the White out Lundy against Maine and also Senior Day. I think it would be awesome to send the seniors off with a big, loud crowd and have a lot of support there to hate on Maine one last time this season, unless we meet in the Hockey East playoffs. 

To any of you Tweetheads out there, one of my roommates, the one notorious for passing out in the kitchen cabinet, is now on Twitter. Follow him if you want to read a lot of ridiculous comments about how much I suck. Should be fun.
Yeah, I wasn't lying about that whole cabinet thing...
sometimes he gets all the way in there... 
(that's what she said).

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. A) College woods is dope

    B) great pass out pic

  2. Is that a blanket he's curled up with? Hahaha

  3. What can I say? I love my blankets.

  4. Cabinets and closets are very comforting places! Like little forts. I haven't gotten drunk enough to try and sleep in one, though.

  5. is that a bag of dog food next to him?

  6. Industrial size flour?

  7. 25 pounds I believe... we bake a lot of bread. And by "we" I mean one of us. There's nothing better then a fresh loaf of bread or rolls to sop up a stomach full of alcohol.

  8. Dr. Freud would say something about the cabinet being your roommate's mother's next time you're reaching for some "flower" you may as well be fingering his mom.

    So there's that...