Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A comment from UNH Res Life

This comment was left earlier today in reply to yesterday's post on paraphernalia in dorm rooms:

Normally I would not reply to a blog, but as a public service I will. I am the Director of Residential Life at UNH. Two major falsehoods need to be cleared up from the blog statements:

1. We have no new paraphernalia polices this year. In fact, we have no new behavioral policies of any kind this year in the residence halls or apartments.

2. RAs are NOT permitted to enter a students room without permission to conduct any kind of a search.

Scott Chesney
Director of Residential Life

I was unable to find any copy of these new rules written down, which leads me to believe ping-pong balls and shot glasses in plain sight won't lead to a visible-to-the-eye search. However, this means that somewhere along the line a Hall Director or RA gave out false information, which led my friend to tell me about it. (My friend was told about that policy from one of Res-Life's trained RAs, I was just passing it along). Another comment said those items could be confiscated, which is definitely not true, but that person must have also been given false information. Either way I now look like an asshole. I guess this is good news and I apologize for the false claims, I should have researched them before writing. Thanks.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. its okay, RAs and CAs are bastards anyways. no souls

  2. thanks for coming out with this. everyone makes mistakes and it sounds like you just got fed bad info. shit happens.

  3. wait, a journalist who can admit when he made a mistake and not bury it in the fine print?!?!