Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Well, the first Thirsty Thursday of the year is here and it looks like this heat wave will finally end tomorrow so I am in a pretty good mood. Seriously, walking across campus to classes has been absolutely miserable, almost as bad as sitting in class dripping in sweat. I despise anyone with air conditioning. But I can't complain because we're in college and college is fucking awesome.

I went to the first TNH writers meeting last night (good to see a lot of newcomers) and I spoke with a few editors about the future of my column. I'm going to try and keep it more socially and nightlife focused this year, which I feel I kind of drifted from at times last year.

As is customary with the beginning of a new school year, Durham is preparing more noise and party restrictions towards UNH students. Recently the Durham town council approved a new noise policy, making it easier for police to enforce noise ordinances. This ordinance starts at 10 p.m., and hour earlier than what it was and if a noise violation turns into a court matter a witness (ei the neighbor who called in the complaint) is not necessary in court. Durham is also considering a proposal that any gathering exceeding 25 people will require a permit with the town. Read more about this over at Wire NH. (Hopefully this isn't completely made up like that stuff a real UNH RA told one of my best friends. Damn you RA for lying and making me look bad!)

Lastly, I have two things to plug. The first is that former writer Corey has started a podcast with his friend and fellow UNH grad Kevin. Their first show went up earlier today and it had me laughing, so check that out. Secondly, I got an email this week from a blog reader who started a blog of his own and since I'm a nice guy (and it isn't UNH focused) here's the link to his sports blog.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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