Monday, September 27, 2010

Transmissions from the Woods

Some of you may remember our old friend Corey Nachman. I hope you do because he wrote several great pieces for this blog. Anyways, Corey is grown up and in the real world now and he has started a podcast with his friend, upcoming New Hampshire comedian and fellow UNH alum Kevin Froleiks. The podcast is entitled "Transmissions from the Woods" and in all honesty, I have laughed out loud many times during each show. They recently returned to UNH to visit with some old friends and to record a show with two of their old roommates, including our own Geoff Cunningham. I was lucky enough to sit in on their show and take mental notes as they humorously discussed current events for an hour. It was the fourth episode they have recorded over the past four weeks.

Corey (right) and Kevin (center) prepare for episode four "Hey Diddle diddle." Their former roommate John (left) who appears as a guest looks on. Photo by me from over the shoulder of Geoff.

Transmissions FTW can be downloaded for free off itunes and they really deserve a larger audience. Over time I am sure they will gain a solid following. Both Kevin and Corey graduated from UNH last May and they were also the founding members of UNH's only sketch comedy group "Sketched Out." Corey also contributed many hysterical columns to The New Hampshire, including the ever controversial "Bob Marley, eh?" column. Over the last year Kevin has become a rising star in the New Hampshire stand-up comedy scene, winning several open mic nights including a few recent victories at the Shaskeen in Manchester. He even has a facebook fan page and a Youtube account! Show some love for him as a  fellow Wildcat and check out his videos.            
Kevin at the Flying Monkey.

Anyways, I am not asking you to do them a favor, they deserve this post and listeners. They are really good and have great chemistry while behind the mic. Checkout Transmissions from the Woods on itunes, leave them a comment and watch them become famous. Seriously, they are very funny and feel free to make a drinking game out of their show. Every time Corey spills his drink, you have to drink! Also, if you listen to episode four, I am not actually looking for your children. Thanks, Kevin.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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