Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

A few weeks ago I was planning on watching the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season premier, but FX wasn't coming in. One of my roommates tried explaining that FX is a Fox channel so UNH blocks it because "UNH is a stupid liberal college and Fox is conservative." (Not a direct quote, but something along those lines.) I then told him that we do not live in Nazi Germany or China and reprogrammed the TV. For the last two-plus years he never got about half the channels because he didn't know about reprograming TVs. Sorry buddy, UNH isn't fascist, you're just a moron.

I think that it is awesome that UNH professors did a study to show that marijuana is not really a gateway drug. I could have told you that because I know way more people who have smoked pot and would never even think about doing other shit, than kids who do more "hardcore drugs." If your going to do more hardcore drugs than you probably would have smoked pot first, but pot smoking doesn't mean your going to be a meth head. Basically depends on your upbringing, peers, and wealth.

I think I just lost my train of thought because I had to take a break and teach my roommate how to make a fried egg sandwich. It was 5 minutes of "Cooking with the New Hampshirite." Put butter on frying pan. When butter melts,  crack eggs and put on them on the frying pan. Start the toast. Watch eggs fry. Shorter time will keep the yoke juicy and messy, longer time will harden the yoke for a neater sandwich. Both ways are acceptable and delicious. Flip the eggs if you want them over-easy. When toast is done, butter and add a slice of cheese, if you have some ham through that on there too. When the eggs are done make the sandwich you dummy. The eggs and toast should finish right at the same time if you do it right. Eat. Enjoy. That was "Cooking with the New Hampshirite."

I think that this weekend can't come soon enough! Who else is ready to get sloppy and watch some hockey!?!

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. yeah dude; it's gonna be a great weekend... alcohol, women, hockey starts