Monday, September 13, 2010

Number 400: What I've Learned

This is the 400th post in the history of this blog. 400 fucking posts. That is about 396 more than I thought this would last. The blog definitely wouldn't have lasted without readers so thank you. You guys are the best. I still remember writing my first post in March of my freshman year in good old Williamson. (I went back and read a few old posts. I can definitely see a lot of "freshman" in them.) Man, have the times, the blog and even I changed. As I write this as a junior living in the Gables I can honestly say this has been a blast and I look forward to these next two years or so. But for this post I would like to share a few of the things I have learned about UNH or college life while writing this blog. Don't worry, the list isn't 400 points long. I would of have to realize that this post was coming 10 days ago and not 10 minutes ago. Some of these are new to the blog and some are things I've written about in the past so older readers might recall a few:
  • The bathrooms in Ham-Smith are one level above a frat house. Barely.
  • I can't pass out in kitchen cabinet, but only because I don't fit. Not that I haven't tried.
  • Chairs are not meant to be used as hurdles. Especially after lots of whiskey.
  • Dunking during a game of Beirut will leave you wet. And with a sprained ankle. 
  • Calling someone a "scummy-douche" is a hilarious insult. (Especially when it is inspired because he doesn't like that you have to wear a collared shirt while golfing.)
  • My biggest roommate fight came when one said he thought that the original Star Wars should be remade. Fuck that shit. 
  • Hanging out on the ledges outside Williamson and Christensen windows is a bad idea.
  • Prank wars are the best. Especially when you win. When you lose, not so much...
  • Avoid hotdogs on Halloween.
  • The "Mark Huddleston" facebook account is fake. His twitter is real... and it's great.
  • Christwire is satire.
  • Avoid the shortcut paths at night. Especially one's where students smoke pot. Cops will accuse you with no evidence.
  • Firecrackers are intense... if you make them right.
  • Comedian Bob Marley's epicness is debatable. 
  • UNH remixes get old. Quick. (Those are just the first 5 I found.)
  • Don't mess with dining.
  • I know how to party. (Just ask the Union Leader.)
  • Burning pornography won't solve anything. Especially women's equity.
  • Drugs are bad. (Can't even type that with a straight face...)
  • Hangover puking 3 times less than an hour before your first class of the year isn't the best way to start the year off. But it's not as bad when your professor doesn't show because she thought school started the next week. Win.
  • COLA can't be beat. Don't believe me? How's that organic chem lab or MIS project going?
  • Blogging always takes a priority over school work.
Okay, that's all I could think of in a timely manner. It's been fun and lets keep this going as long as possible. Thanks again.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. Hanging outside the ledges outside Williamson and Christensen are ALWAYS a good idea! God I miss my freshman room, even if it was grimy as hell!