Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thoughts on Passion Pit

Last week when TNH scooped that Scope's fall show would be Passion Pit I immediately thought of MGMT. Both because they have similar music and because of the reaction from the student body. Passion Pit will sellout, but a large majority of campus will still bitch about it, much like last year's MGMT concert. Passion Pit's catalogue is slightly more poppy than MGMT and although I like MGMT more I still think this will be a very fun show. Honestly, I didn't have one Passion Pit song on my itunes until this morning, but I definitely understand why Scope would go for them. Passion Pit seems like a very energetic band and their songs are very danceable.

Now, I am not in Scope and I have limited knowledge on their policies and rules, but I can share what I have found out about through word of mouth and my experiences at UNH. I haven't talked to any Scope members (the only one I knew graduated last year) but, I would still like to respond to a few of the criticisms I've heard... (Most of which come from underclassman who don't understand the logistics of a concert.)

1) The Whit costs more than the Field House for Scope to use. (Plus lighting/sound/various production fees is more in the Whit). Look at the past years, very rarely is there more than one show at the Whit each school year. (Lupe Fiasco and Guster being the exception.) *Also, the Whit is still under construction. New ice and boards are being installed.*
2) Scope only has limited days the Whit and the Field House are available. Also, since most concerts are on weekends or Thursdays, that limits their possible days even more.
3) Many bigger musicians refuse to play college shows. They would rather play in cities where they know the entire crowd are fans and not just there because it is something to do.
4) Musicians usually plan tours far ahead of time. Scope only has a few months, if that, to book a show.
5) Bands have limited dates available and even those who do play college shows usually set a limit per tour.
6) Getting a cheaper "local" band (Passion Pit is from Cambridge Mass) will help them be able to have better/bigger spring shows. Spring Climax, which is usually in the Whit, and another show in the Field House.
7) In the past Scope has generally had 4 shows each year. A homecoming comedian, a fall/winter concert, Spring Climax and an additional spring concert. If Passion Pit isn't your cup of tea, relax, they aren't done yet.
8) It is impossible to please every student with one show. Look at the variety over the past few years and you can see they have done quite well: Passion Pit, Girl Talk, MGMT, Akon, Guster, Lupe Fiasco, Brand New, G Love & Special Sauce, Ghost Face Killah, Dropkick Murphy's, Snoop Dogg. (Plus the comedians: Demetri Martin, Jimmy Fallon, Bo Burnham and Lewis Black.)
9) Many other school's have arenas that book concerts, not just student organizations. For example, the Mullins Center at UMass books many of their own shows (ex: Jay-z and the Barstool shows). Unfortunately, the Whit doesn't usually get college type shows.

One thing I have come to realize is that college is a great time to see concerts you normally wouldn't see. I wouldn't drive down to Boston to see most of those shows, pay parking, gas etc, but I would pay $12-15 for any of them if they are right here on campus. When my four years are up I'm going to be able to look back and say I saw a lot of different types of shows for a small amount of money, and that makes me happy. So before you start bitching about how Scope didn't get your favorite band or rapper, think about what they have to do and deal with, with limited resources. Apart from maybe MGMT, I wouldn't consider any of those bands close to one of my favorites, but I can honestly say I have enjoyed every Scope show I have ever been to.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Solid post. Great to read some common sense. I'm not huge on passion pit, but I know scope will have more shows in the spring.

  2. Passion Pit is really good live!!!!!! This will be a great show!! can't wait

  3. Quite refreshing to hear some common sense about these shows- Thank you! I look forward to attending this show, I was unable to make it to MGMT last year.

  4. I saw passion pit at a free show down in boston not too long ago. the show was f**king sick. i still shelled out about $50 for drinks, but it was welllll worth it. hats off to scope. now, how about some deadmau5, huh?