Friday, September 24, 2010

That was a long week...

I think this is a much needed weekend for everybody. This has been quite the stressful week for a lot of students and I am not just talking about academics. You probably know what I'm talking about and I really don't want to get into it.  I thought TNH did the right thing by covering the suicide on campus -and explaining their coverage- especially when the administration didn't send out any type of email to alert students. Something like that shouldn't be swept under the rug on a college campus. It is a tragedy and it deeply impacted many students. UNH is a community and when we lose one of our members it hurts on many different levels.

Yesterday I was told that a student was hit by a bus earlier this week, possibly on Monday. I have yet to here much about it, how severe it was, but I have been told by several people that it did happen. Tack that on to the two Gables buses rear-ending one another and it was not a good week for the transit department.

This is family weekend, so I hope that people will get out and enjoy it. I wrote a quick piece for TNH's Family Weekend Special section on late night food around Durham. I actually wrote a full column on it last year so it basically highlights the main points and without all the alcohol discussions: (Side note, for my next column I emailed the EE about my idea and I asked if it sounded like I would be encouraging drinking and if that would be a problem. He replied by saying something like "don't all your columns encourage drinking?" Touche.

There are several great options to score some late night food around Durham and UNH.
The Durham House of Pizza (D-Hop), which is located right downtown, is famous for their $1.50 slices after 11 p.m. Slices with all difference toppings, which are huge and delicious, are constantly being cranked out, so despite long lines there usually is not a long wait. D-Hop has a great atmosphere and it can be the best place on campus for some food and free entertainment, which is usually a great thing, but if you are with mom and dad you may want to avoid that crowd. Also located downtown is Franz’s Food, which is new to the late night scene. Franz has some of the best food on campus, so late night is sure to be a success for their shop.

Another great place to cure the late-night hunger monkey is Kurt’s Lunchbox. Kurt’s is conveniently located in C-Lot behind The Mills dorm. My Kurt’s recommendation is the classic cheesy fries, or snotty fries, as any true Kurt fan would know. His cheesy fries are famous for a reason and it would be a shame to attend UNH without ever eating some. Kurt also makes delicious grilled cheese, hotdogs and other fried snacks. On a warm night Kurt’s will provide a lot of entertainment and hilarious conversations will be had and overheard.

As tasty as Kurt’s and D-Hop are, plus the hilarious situations that occur there almost any night, they both shut down at 2 a.m. on the weekends. So, if you are out past 2 a.m. and in need of some grub Wildcatessen is the place to go. It is conveniently located under Stillings in Area 1.Wildcatessen is also open until 4 a.m. on weekend mornings and they specialize in subs, salads and burgers. Wildcatessen has some other tasty options including waffle fries, chicken tenders, and mozzarella sticks. 

Have a good weekend.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. YA REMEMBER THAT TIME when a girl almost flashed her tits to get free cheesy fries at Kurts?!
    oh wait...that was me. great stuff.

    On a much more serious note, I wanted to commend the TNH staff once again for a great paper today. Their professionalism and empathy outshined UNH as of right now and I think it was done well done for our community.

    Deepest sympathies go out to Family and Friends of Christina.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Oktooooberfest tomorrow!