Friday, March 4, 2011

The Dude Hates BC

Even The Dude hates the fucking Eagles.

Deja Vu. For the second year in a row the final UNH and BC series will determine the Hockey East regular season title. While regular season titles are for housewives and little girls, it is still a big deal. But we all know playoff time is where it really matters and having the top seed can be a big advantage. Last year UNH only needed a tie in either game for the title, this year it will take two ties or one win. I believe that we will win. Whether it is tonight at BC or tomorrow night at the Whit. I must say, it is awesome that UNH got NESNplus for tonight only so campus residents can watch the game at BC. It's kind of lame it got bumped for a spring training baseball game, although I'm a huge Sox fan and I understand why. 

Have a good weekend and Go 'Cats! Rough 'em up, rough 'em up! BC SUCKS! 


  1. I would at least expect from you the correct words to the BC chant.

    "Fuck'em up! Fuck'em up! BC Sucks!"

  2. I'm trying to keep this blog PG13. Haha, I had "fuck" which is what I say, but then changed it to the other version.