Monday, March 21, 2011

I made it.

Well Nonsensical Nation, I have finally made it to the holy land, 21. I survived the weekend and I somehow even made it to my 8 AM class today. To show how insane that is, one of our friends was out cold on the couch until 11 and I had drank the most by far. Beginning 2 PM Saturday we drank until 1 AM, I slept and repeated all day Sunday. My older brothers took me out to a few bars around Portsmouth, so that was a great experience. I can't wait to hit up the bars downtown Durham this week.

Now, Saturday night into Sunday morning was perhaps the drunkest I have ever been. Let me fill you in. When I went to write this post I found this in my saved drafts:

"AHOOOOYAAHOOO!!!!!! 21 whoaaaaaa!"

I remember thinking that I wanted to write a quick post right at midnight, and I do remember writing it now that I have seen it, but I completely forgot that I had done that.  I had my laptop set up in the living room so  I must have typed that real quick while playing music, but I never posted it. But that wasn't nearly the drunkest thing I did.

Right before 1 AM two of my friends who were gone skiing called me. I remember doing this, but not what we actually talked about.  After talking for almost 15 minutes I said, "I can't find my phone!" And while talking I frantically searched my room until my friend (on the phone) informed my that I was on my phone. After the conversation ended I texted her and denied that we ever talked on the phone because "I'm drunk, but I not that gone" so I would have remember talking on the phone. In the morning, I clearly remember the call, but I also remembered that I didn't remember talking to them just a few minutes after. I guess midnight birthday shotguns and shots of whiskey can do that to you after eight hours of drinking.

Hopefully being 21 will only help this blog grow. But now that I am 21, I am completely mature enough to drink more responsibly and I think underage drinking is bad. Stop break the law, sinners. And no, I won't buy you booze. I'm a law abiding citizen. (Just kidding.)

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. your life is truly over isn't it?
    at least when you finally drink yourself off this planet the rest of us will have a supply of beer and whiskey again.