Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Game at a Time

One game at a time. Three more times. Three more wins. The NCAA Hockey Tournament has been an upset galore and UNH is coming off possibly their best performance of the year. I call on the ghost of Leadbelly to exorcize UNH's playoff demons. Get out of here Devil! Black Betty is back! Wildcat blood.

Update: I just got this email. It went to my spam account and obviously isn't real, but it is weird:

Subject: change blog title and u get free tix to game
Body: change the name and u can get free Verizon wireless arena tix to game.  Get rid of the UMassy and will give you the tix for the hockey game. Certainly the title is not classy.

Never! Sorry "Sue" if that is your real name. This is clearly one of UMass' higher ups worried about their reputation. Sorry ZooMass, you blew it when your fans threw apples at our fans and football team a few years back. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.



    Let's do it again, focus on one game, nothing else matters.

  2. Why was a lobster thrown on the ice after the UNH goal rather than a fish? Easier to sneak into the Verizon Arena?

    Either way, tough loss.