Thursday, March 31, 2011

Old Enough to Party

So yesterday afternoon I went on a beer run with one of my roommate's. It was his 21st birthday and his first time purchasing alcohol. We went to the Market Basket at the Lee traffic circle so we could also hit up the liquor store that is right next to it. We go into the Bucket (as it was called at my high school... is that a common thing or was my high school just weird? anyways...) We each grab some beer and make our way to the checkout counter. While I'm in line I noticed the guy in front of me lean over the counter as whisper to the cashier (a young kid probably college aged) and he tells the kid to make sure he cards me. Like, really dude? You're 50 years old and look like you're homeless. Anyways, the kid scans my ID... and it didn't read. So he did it again. No luck. Finally, the third time it went through. I could tell the kid didn't even want to do it but that guy was still getting his bags and watching him. Needless to say I was freaking out a little bit to myself, but I kept it cool. I've been to that Market Basket a few times now and they never bothered scanning it before.

 Next stop was the liquor store. I love the liquor store. I'm like a little kid in a candy shop or Toys-R-Us or something. Just so many wonderful things and I want them all. Anyways, I settle on a bottle of vodka and make my way to the cashier. This time the guy goes to me "You look like your 12 years old" as he looks over my ID. Really dude? How many 12 year olds do you know that are 5'10 and have a full friggin beard!?! The guy says nothing to my roommate, who really does look like a 12 year old and we made our way back to campus.

Later all my roommates  and I went down to Mei Wei and got some scorpion bowls for 2 each. Those were pretty tasty and a great way to start the night off. We even had some of our younger friends DD for us and we got back to the apartment to finish of the night. Needless to say when I saw my roommate this morning he claimed that he didn't have a hangover. I then reminded him that he was clearly still drunk, which to that he agreed. Champion. Wildcat Blood. I know I'm still a rookie, but welcome to the show, Cabinet Kid.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. "The Bucket" actually is a kinda common nickname. My sister used to work there and some of her co-workers called it that all the time.

  2. I always have called it "Trash Basket"