Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hockey East Season Recap

Back in late September I wrote a post previewing this year's men's hockey team and I briefly touched on Hockey East as well. I made the following predictions for the final Hockey East standings:

     My Predictions:              Actual Results:
  1. BC                                   1. BC 
  2. UNH                                 2. UNH
  3. Maine                               3. BU
  4. Merrimack                        4. Merrimack
  5. BU                                   5. Maine
  6. Vermont                           6. Northeastern
  7. Northeastern                     7. Vermont
  8. UMass                             8. UMass
  9. UMass Lowell                   9. Providence
  10. Providence                       10. UMass Lowell
Now, I'm not one to brag, but those are pretty accurate predictions. I was right or within one spot for every team except for the BU/Maine flip at 3 and 5 and in all fairness a lot of people thought Maine would finish even higher.  I nailed Merrimack's break out season, but I must admit BU really surprised me. They came out hot and then cooled off, but they got very solid play from their underclassmen.

UNH will host Vermont in the first round for the second season in a row. Hopefully we'll have better success this time around. UNH will be a bubble team to make the NCAA tournament if they get upset this year. That would be the ultimate letdown after they showed so much promise midseason. (Why do I feel like I've heard that before... oh.. right...)

Well, we are in the midst of midterm week, but only a few days until spring break. I hope everyone who can stay on campus will be around for the games this weekend. Every year there is a huge drop off in attendance when UNH hosts the first round because so many students leave and season ticket holders aren't required to buy playoff tickets. Hopefully the crowd will be decent enough to give UNH a home ice advantage because with the way they ended the season they could need all the help they can get. Hate to sound like this, I love the team, but we all know the history. Wildcat Blood.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. not too shabby.

  2. I blame you for our failures!!!

    lol jk, nice job with the picks