Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reader Email: Lobster Explained

Whatup New Hampshirite??

My names (blank) and I'm one of the fish guys. I was the one that threw the much talked about lobster at the game on Sunday night, and I thought I should offer an explanation. The fish market that usually donates the fish to us was closed on sunday, and as the game approached we were scrambling to find a fish to throw. We literally called 20 different grocery stores and fish markets around both Durham and Manchester to no avail, so we had to go to Hannafords at 630 and grab the next best thing, a lobster. Not our choice, but the best we could do. You should have seen the guys at the Verizon center when they searched our bag and found a lobster...never have i seen so many people be so confused; we had to wait at the entrance for 15 minutes while they made sure we were okay to bring the lobster in, we had a crowd of verizon center management around us and it was hilarious. That is hopefully the last time we throw a lobster, and I guarantee that for the first game next year youll see us at the whit with a big, smelly fish like usual.

staying classy and DEFINITELY not umassy-

Ask and you shall receive. Not everything always goes to plan, but I'm glad to hear the real explanation about that mystery lobster. UNH's season is over and it is time to move on. Looking forward to big, smelly fish next season. Wildcat Blood.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. You guys suck. You have one job and it's to throw a damn fish on the ice. That's the only use you are to the school. And you can't even accomplish that. Pitiful.

  2. I bet it was a Maine lobster, and now you're hockey team is permanently cursed in the post season - good job fish boy!

  3. I agree with the first comment. You waited until the last minute? You're a fucking moron.

  4. oh. my. fucking. Christ.

    The Curse of The Maine Lobster begins...

  5. Any Demoulas has whole fish, they may not the big sized ones you'd get for Maine games but a 5 lb fish > a lobster. This is the second time this year a lobster has been thrown, either throw a fish or don't throw anything.