Friday, March 4, 2011

Nice Parking Job

If I keep getting pictures (from my own or from readers) I will keep doing Friday Caption "Contests."

I saw this bike parked in A-Lot this morning. I'd like to think that someone biked to A-Lot and then walked to their classes. Something tells this may be a result of Post-Thirsty Thursday activities. Sadly, they didn't have a parking pass so they probably got a $75 ticket... and another $50 for winter parking ban... and another  $50 for not having proper safety displays or whatever they think of. Do you get the joke? UNH parking sucks. Maybe the bike is there because they can't drive because they can't afford all the parking tickets? Maybe it is a form of silent protest? Down with parking! United we stand.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. "Bet you didn't know they make snow tires for bikes!"

  2. You can tell this is New Hampshire, the front tire isn't stolen.

  3. Typical Masshole

  4. p.s. nice train shot in the background