Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who else is ready to turn it up to 11?

I turn 21 tomorrow. After tonight I will have (hopefully) survived UNH without an underage drinking arrest or a single written warning from an RA or CA. Verbal warnings for playing awesome music loud for all to hear doesn't count. If you tell me to turn the bass down I will, but I'm gonna turn the volume up. We're cranking it up to 11 tonight, UNH! Wildcat blood.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. happy birthday NHshirite!!!

  2. If you are going to abbreviate the New Hampshire in New Hampshirite, shouldn't it just be NHite? But seriously, it doesn't take effort to type New Hampshirite...

    This is why Americans are labeled as LAZY! Type out all your words, it's good for you.

  3. happy birthday... dont die on us...

  4. Happy 21st! It was mine yesterday and I lived... so I hope you share the same excitement/hangover I got to enjoy.