Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The best finals tip ever: Take a Break

The best thing you can do for finals is to take a break from studying and clear your mind. Yesterday I planned on checking out that Smith Hall protest, I just wanted to observe and get a feel for the atmosphere. I ate at HOCO and arrived at Thompson Hall just after one. Nothing had started yet so I just kept walking. I always walk to get around campus, but I am always going some where. To a class, to the gym, to a game, to a party. I always have a plan to arrive at a specific place at a specific time. But yesterday I was just walking. I wasn't going anywhere and I didn't have to be there on time, and that felt good. I was just walking, thinking, but at the same time not thinking. I couldn't tell you the path I took but I pretty much walked all over campus. I never chose were or when to turn, I just walked. And before I knew it I had pretty much explored the whole campus, something I haven't done since the first weekend of my freshman year. My mind was cleared. I wasn't stressed over finals. I was very content. I think this is something that more students should try. If you are ever feeling really bogged down in your studies throw on a pair of comfortable shoes and just take a walk. It may just take 10 minutes or an hour, but just walk. It will clear your mind and you will feel better. Walk until you stop thinking about your work. The fresh air will be calming and the stress will leave.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. I would add tunes into the mix, but that's just me... pandora radio... i mean there's gotta be wireless everywhere on campus right?

  2. you don;t go to the gym.......