Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pommes Frites: Kurt's on Steriods

During my brief trip down to NYC I learned and experienced a lot of new things. For example, Glenn Beck is douche bag in real life too. (But really, how surprising is that?) I also learned that you shouldn't park on a side of a street just because other cars are already parked there. ($185 towing fees). I saw Gogol Bordello for my sixth time and their energy and performance still blows me away. It is crazy to think that you can see a band so many times (in just 2 1/2 years) and they still pull out new things. (Like crowd surfing on top of a drum.)
 But perhaps the best thing about New York is the amount of awesome restaurants and bars on every block. I made the trip with my older brother and his wife who lived in the city for three years and we met up with a few of their old friends so they took me to all their old spots in the small amount of time we had. The best food of the trip was this tiny french fry joint called "Pomme Frites" on 2nd avenue in Manhattan. If you like Kurt's cheesy fries, then Pomme Frites is the place for you.

Top: Big fries and delicious sauces (my photo). Bottom: front of shop (via google images.)

They have 25 different dipping sauces to go along with mouth watering, twice-fried, Belgian style french fries made from fresh potatoes. We sampled 9 of the sauces that included personal favorites such as pomegranate teriyaki mayo, dill lemon mayo, Mexican ketchup, the peanut satay and of course their own style of cheese. Bottom line is that if there was a Pomme Frites at UNH, Kurt's would be out of business before you could say "extra cheese." Even with the car-tow the trip was awesome and a great success. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, every bar we went to served me, which was pretty sweet. Although most places in NYC will serve you as long as you look 18, I like to think all the waitresses were digging my awesome neck beard.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. wow, i want cheesy fries soo bad right now.