Thursday, December 3, 2009

On A Warm December Night

The semester is almost over and it is a rare warm December night at UNH. That means we must get in some good partying before finals and the holiday break. So I'm going to keep this short today. Go get trashed and do you're part in helping UNH reclaim that party school reputation. In other news, Stephenson Billings commented on an older post. He called me a pervert for naming my vaporizer "The Investigative Journalist," but he actually found the blog by Google searching his own, albeit it fake, name. Google searching yourself is pretty much like masturbating in the mirror, so who is the pervert now? Here is a good life lesson: If you ever find yourself in an intense match of hangman, use the word "sphinx" it is a guaranteed stumper. Also, I refuse to play "Farmville" on facebook until you can grow weed or use the barns as meth labs. It isn't realistic enough for me. Did you know that British Columbia's top export is marijuana? Fuck apple orchards...

This is an awesome performance of one of my new favorite songs, hope you like it.

Stay safe, stay smart, stay drunk and most of all,
Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. you should def check out "Okonokos" (the dvd that this performance is from) if you're getting into MMJ. It's absolutley amazing and is even better when viewed after doing some investigative journalism, you hippie