Saturday, December 5, 2009

TKE to lose recognition?

Word around dirty Durham is that the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity is in some major hot water. Do not quote me on anything but from what I have gathered a pledge (possibly a former pledge) informed Greek life coordinator Adam McCready about some hazing incidents. It is believed that TKE national representatives came to Durham to negotiate with McCready and that possible arrests are not out of the question. This raises the question of how many fraternities do haze (probably all of them) and what they actually do. Please realize that hazing is very general and UNH policy defines it as anything "that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person's willingness to participate." The "humiliation" portion is key, because something as simple as making a pledge sing could be considered hazing. Although, if the losing recognition rumor is true, these hazing incidents must be pretty severe. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Simply allowing a pledge to drink while in the house can be considered hazing. Think about that.

  2. TKE is not in any danger of losing recognition and the rumors of a national consultant coming are bullshit. One of their pledges roommates called the hazing hotline and fed them some bullshit so McCready is being his usual fuck-up self and blowing it out of proportion. ...and not all UNH fraternities haze, some houses do not even have a new member process.

  3. Thanks for the update, like I said I was only reporting what I was able to gather from various students. I wouldn't put it past McCready to blow it up, I've never met him, but he sounds more and more like a douche every time a fraternity is in the news.