Monday, December 14, 2009

UNH Monday Updates 12/14

Well, finals week is here. Prepare for over-crowded libraries, extended quiet hours, massive amounts of coffee intake (which leads to massive urine output) and compulsive room cleaning. Personally, I don't have any finals until Wednesday night and I plan on leaving Friday. So, I honestly don't know how frequently I'll be posting this week. I'll try for everyday, but they'll probably be short and sweet. As for break, I probably won't be posting too much, I'll be heading down to NYC for a few days and getting in as much skiing as possible before heading back to Durham.

Just a reminder, the Smith Hall/student voice walk is today (Monday) at one. Students plan on gathering in front of Smith at one PM. Whether you are for or against the repurposing of Smith Hall this is a great opportunity to show the university that you deserve a voice on campus. is calling for it to be 40 degrees and sunny, but this is New Hampshire...

Speaking of weather/news services. It looks as if WMUR is trying to steal my steeze:

Not cool.

In sports news the men's hockey team finished out the first half of the season leading hockey east in average attendance with 6,222 per game, which was over 600 more than UMass, the next closest. UNH also has the best record in the conference after going 6-0-1 in their last 7 games.

 On Friday night, comedian Bo Burnham was on campus and he was hilarious; much better than I anticipated. MC Mr. Napkins opened the show up with a few of his witty raps to the best of his white-Jewish-rapper ability. As for Burnham, he was excellent at crowd interaction between songs  and having to deal with a crappy guitar connection. During his encore when someone in the crowd squeaked an air horn Burnham quickly shouted "Whoa, that scared me. I thought a four-year-old queefed." I'm not sure if that is how to spell it, but I'd rather not Google that.

In more recent news UNH professors are threatening to boycott summer school in protest over contract issues. Read this Boston Herald article for more info.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. you know that you spelled quiet as "quite"


  2. I'm predicting Umaine mens hockey getting top 20 rank and passing UNH after the florida tourny after break.

  3. Other sports news red sox got Lackey. Not too shabby in the 3 spot of the to get Agon or Miggy.

  4. wow, i feel like a loser (or maybe i'm a devoted reader) to have made that correction 3 mins after you posted hahahahah.

  5. Don't worry, the fact that you read this blog automatically makes you wicked cool, so you are definitely not a loser.

  6. At least you made the correction, and not an erection.

    I know I'm as funny as this blog is awesome.