Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One done...

Well I've gotten through one final, it was an essay and presentation. It wasn't too bad, but the paper took a lot of time. Tomorrow I have what will be my easiest exam, but it is at 8 AM and is calling for it to be 11 degrees. I realize that finals suck and they are pretty pointless. I mean if I didn't learn the material in 3 months, how should I expect to teach it to myself in a 3 hour crams session. That is why I really don't waste too much time studying. Just being well rested and stress-free is much better because cramming doesn't really work. I mean I've spent more time this week deciding how to bring alcohol and weed home without being detected.

How fun are those class and professor evaluations? Maybe it isn't fair that I fill those out as if all my professors are like Mr. Hand from Fasttimes. I'm keeping this short, but I have better posts for Thursday and Friday before cutting back over break. Be prepared for some interesting posts in 2010. Damn this decade flew by.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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