Friday, December 18, 2009

Spring '10 Predictions

First of all we need to clear up this whole 2010 deal. How will we refer to the year? Just "10?" Or will it be  "20-10" (twenty-ten) or "2010" (two-thousand and ten) or "010" (O-ten)? I think I like 20-10. Okay, next on the agenda, a few predictions for the spring semester at UNH:

  • Robert J. Crossen won't be stealing anymore laptops. 
  • SCOPE gets a big band for climax.
  • Men's Hockey squeaks into the playoffs
  • Women's Hockey nets Durham a National Championship trophy (1st since '85 women's Lax)
  • Men's Basketball wins America East and goes dancing. They have shown they can play defense against major Big East teams (Pitt), but can they score consistently?
  • A student protest will make a difference (Not Smith Hall)
  • Smith Hall will become an admissions building (sorry, it's gonna happen.)
  • Bobby Boucher will show up at half-time and the Mud Dogs will win the Bourbon Bowl
  • Student senate gets a Good Samaritan Law approved
  • I will spend way too much money at the new China Buffet
  • I will write an a post that contains no grammar mistakes (Hey, anything could happen.)

Speaking of SCOPE getting a big band, I think I came to UNH about 35 years too late:

Had to cut that list a bit short, I got to go take my last final. I probably won't be posting too much over break, but we'll see. Have awesome month everyone, thanks for a great semester and see you all in 2010!

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. You do know that the china buffet is now a restaurant but serves buffet only in a two-hour window?

  2. yeah, I was referring to the new one. I heard the buffet, although limited in time, is much better.

  3. Aerosmith? Damn, I wish I was at that concert. There must have been so much sex and weed before, during, and after.