Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Like a Pro: The UNH Wish List

When I was a young child I used to love flipping through the toy catalogues to help me prepare my holiday wish list. I remember circling the different toys and arguing with my brothers about which of us would ask for a specific item. I remember racing to the mailbox to see if any new catalogues had arrived; these days were almost exciting as Christmas itself. In recent years I have missed those days when I could get away with asking for all toys, even if I knew I wouldn’t get half of them. Now everything I ask for is boring, like a new printer or some clothes. So, to relive some of my best memories, I have created the UNH holiday wish list, where anything is possible.
For this year’s holidays, UNH is asking for…

A new football stadium. Over the past few seasons our beloved Wildcats have become one of the premier teams in all of the FCS, yet they play home games at one of the worst stadiums in the league. It is old, tiny and ugly. I feel like a plan for a new stadium and a renovated Field House have been in the works for years now. A new stadium would help attract more recruits and fans, which would lead to an increase in revenue.
A varsity baseball team. Since 1997 when UNH adopted Title IX, which requires equal athletic scholarships to men and women, varsity baseball, softball and men’s lacrosse were all cut. Is this not America? Is baseball not America’s favorite pastime? As long as there is no baseball at UNH, it is quite obvious that UNH hates America. I think the old dugouts without an infield behind the Field House is one of the saddest sights on campus.
SCOPE to put on a concert that doesn’t enrage half of the student body. I admit that SCOPE does a great job with their limited budget and that everyone has a different taste in music, but I feel like every show they put on people flip out over it. Maybe this wish should actually be for more understanding students.
No more campus violence and for the Halloween assault to be solved. Is it possible to go a semester without some type of assault? With the amount of students at UNH there will always be conflict, so maybe we should be more protective of one another. Establishing a Good Samaritan Law would also help with prevent violence and could help raise campus awareness. It could also save a life.
Students to have a greater voice on campus. I feel like the university is too rash in making decisions and changes without approaching the students. Even the student senate has had trouble making progress this year. Students need to realize, that despite the university’s best efforts, we can make a difference.
A new and improved advising system. Year after year advisors cancel meetings, miss emails and seem overly busy with their work as professors. A possible solution is that professors only advise upperclassmen once they have picked their focus within a major; the different colleges, like WSBE or COLA, would provide advisors to the freshmen. This way advisors and students would have more in common. It’s just a thought.
A replay board at the Whittemore Center. Seriously, what good does that yellow light bulb scoreboard at the far end from the student section do?  A nice little replay board would be awesome and create a better atmosphere at the Whitt. It could also help cut down on vulgarity when fans realize that a call went the right way.
Students to show support for all sports teams. Men’s hockey and football get all the glory at UNH, but let us not forget that the women’s hockey team is currently ranked third in the country and they have had more playoff success in recent years then their male counterparts. The basketball team put up a tough fight last week to Pittsburgh, who was a top seed in last year’s NCAA tournament, and they are looking to be a contender in America East, yet they regularly play in front of embarrassingly small crowds.
Well, that about wraps up the UNH holiday wish list. If just one of these things were to come true I am sure it would lead to a better campus. It had been a semester to remember. Until next year,

Stay classy, not UMassy,

The New Hampshirite

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