Friday, December 11, 2009

SCOPE: Primed for a big spring show.

Don't believe me? Well for once I have facts to back up my statements. Everyone at UNH already knows about SCOPE, the Student Committee On Popular Entertainment. They are the students who hire different bands, various musicians and comedians to entertain, or at least attempt to entertain, the student body. I have already dedicated several posts in the past to mocking SCOPE, but I feel it is necessary to take a look inside SCOPE.
Through the help of several anonymous field agents at various universities I have been able gather information that is usually not released to the public. This is serious stuff, one student has already been fired for tipping off one of my field agents at UMaine. Don't believe me? Read this.
What I have learned is that for this year SCOPE has a budget of $203,000 to cover artist and agent fees and a production budget of $65,000. The production fee covers expenses such as security, renting the Whittemore Center, lighting, sound equipment and other things of that nature. SCOPE is budgeted for a revenue of $140,000 a year, which actually goes to the Student Activity Fee. The SAF is where the original money comes from and SCOPE must get an approval from that office before committing to a specific performer. If SCOPE meets or exceeds that $140,000 they are more easily approved for a bigger show in the spring or the following year. So the bottom line is if we by tickets to the homecoming and winter shows (preferably make them sellout) we can expect a bigger and better show for Spring Climax.
My Maine agent was able to find out (through the VP of their student entertainment board who has since been fired) that UMaine was alloted $260,000 this year. And for that I applaud SCOPE because we have had Akon (who although I don't like is a huge name that made a lot of money) and a very funny, but not a hugely named comedian. (Bo Burnham tonight!)  So far this year UMaine has had The Decemberists, Dierks Bentley and Bob "I suck dick for coke" Saget. Saget may be a bigger name than Burnham, but he is old and past his prime. I don't really see him appealing to a younger college-aged audience. SCOPE has been getting better college shows for less money, well done. (But is that really a surprise, I mean who would want to go perform at UMaine, even if they can pay more?) I feel as though SCOPE has set themselves up nicely for a big Spring Climax show because of how much money they probably brought in from Akon alone, plus tonight's show. This means that they should have a nice amount left to spend and an approval for a bigger show. SCOPE, please do not let me down. You have earned my trust that the spring show will be big. Please don't make me eat my words.  Let's see what you got!

On a side note I heard this song the other day and I think I like it. It's by Goldfish who I guess are like South Africa's answer to MGMT. It's different from my usual music taste, but it's kind of catchy.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. if SCOPE gets MGMT I will, in all honesty, shit myself.

  2. They suck live, or at least they do outdoors. But, that would still be awesome compared to these last shows.

  3. A former SAFC memberDecember 16, 2009 at 12:13 PM

    There is some validity to this, and some false information.

    ANY student organization that exceeds their revenues is not necessarily allowed to spend that money. It all depends on the state of the SAF.

    If SCOPE makes over their revenues, but other organizations spend too much money, SCOPE's revenues go to the other student organizations.

    IF SCOPE makes over their revenues, but other organizations don't spend all their money, they may get to spend their excess revenues. In past years, this has been the case. Regardless, the decision rests in the hands of the student activity fee committee.