Monday, March 1, 2010

Did you see this comment?

So on my debut "This Week in Dining" post from last week the following comment was anonymously posted earlier today:

"Dining's policy on food leaving the dining hall has not changed. You may take one hand fruit, fill your mug club travel mug with a beverage or take a cookie/brownie from one of our locations. The sign pictured above was meant to remind guests that things should not be taken from the dining hall (other than what is listed above)Things like full bags of cereal, bagels and prepared sandwiches. If you would like to address your concerns with UNH Dining Services, it might make more sense to communicate directly with Jon Plodzik ( than in a blog of this nature. Thank you."

I really wonder if that was the Jon Plodzik and I would be truly honored if it was because that means the blog must be making some noise. Awesome. It had to at least be a dining employee because they said "our locations." Anyways, I responded with the following:

"I actually did find that out this weekend and was going to make the correction. On the large sign above it says"Our new policy requires that all food and beverages be consumed within the dining hall" so I guess I misinterpreted what "new policy" and "all food and beverages" meant. I did notice the smaller sign on the door that says explains that mugs and fruit ect... can be taking. The new bigger sign made me assume that the policy had been changed."

My vendetta against dining continues. And what the fuck does he mean by "blog of this nature." I am offended. That is a low blow and uncalled for. Horse shit! 

Stay Classy, not UMassy.

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