Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Spring Cleaning!

This is coming kind of late in the day, but today is spring cleaning after all. What's spring cleaning at UNH you ask? It is the last Thirsty Thursday before spring break, which means for all of us still living in dorms it is time to clean out all of our alcohol and any other substances that you don't want to take home or leave at school. It really is a great day, and one of my personal favorite holidays. This will be my last spring cleaning since I'm moving into the Gables next year so I am going to keep this quick and make sure the night is memorable. This has been one crazy week from essays, to projects to exams to waiting in line for 4 hours so I think we all deserve to kick back and cut loose tonight. Have fun UNH, and enjoy every sandwich.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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