Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's Do This

Alright listen up UNH, I currently have two goals.
1) To have as much fun as possible during these last weekends before summer. To get you pumped up here is an epic collection of Beirut dunks.

Please, if you have the technology and the ups send me your own video submissions. I would love that so much. If you do you will be crowned blog reader of the year and possibly win a prize. (Maybe). It is currently a tight race and this could be a chance for a true dark horse to come up big. Just make sure that I can tell it is at UNH, meaning a shirt, logo or any UNH identifiable image. Or you can just say it on camera. I will try my best to try and capture a few by years end, maybe even my own, but no promises.

My second goal is to get UNH's own Valhalla to open for Sam Adams. I have no idea if Adams, or Barstoolpalooza has their own opener, but we're going to try. I have never met Valhalla, but he is the man behind "Drop 'em" and "Party at UNH" which can be heard at almost every campus party or dorm room. So I am asking my readers to go on the event page for the Sam Adams show and request Valhalla to open, I know several already have. You even email "El Prez" from Barstool and request it if you want. UNH students came up big to get Adams in the first place, so why can't we get our own local opener?

UNHers I am counting on you to help make this happen. So remember:

1) get drunk.
2) get a camera and a crappy Beirut table.
3) film your best (or worst) dunk attempt.
4) email me a link or video to win best blog reader of the year.
5) request Valhalla to open.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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