Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making a Beirut table

If you are able to read through this post there is pretty big announcement at the end. So at least read that. This post is directed to those still living in dorms.

Dorm life can actually be pretty fun, but when it comes to the weekends it can be a pain in the ass. When living in dorms it is important to make the best out of your situation. I think you all know what I am talking about: getting very drunk. While a good ole' fashion dorm party can be fun, it is better to have someplace else to go. Sometimes that can be tricky, especially for underclassmen, so it is always important to be prepared for a night in the dorm. The best way to turn your dorm room into a fun place to chill (or even better for pre-gaming before you go out) is to make yourself a makeshift Beirut table. Not everyone can afford one of those collapsable tables and regular tables take up too much space.

If you live in Williamson or Christianson the cork boards on your wall can be much more useful than to hang a calender or poster or the volleyball team. All you need is a phillips head screwdriver and wahla you have a flat surface for a table top. Next you need something to stack, milk crates work well, but my freshman year (in big Willy) my roommate and I found that our plastic tubs for storage worked perfectly. Now, the table will be kind of short, so a strip of duct tape or any type of line can be used to keep the shooter from leaning to far over. (The elbow rule doesn't work on a four foot table.)

I haven't noticed the cork boards in many other dorms so without a decently sized one (that's what she said) you'll have to look in other places. You don't want something gross, but dumpster diving should never be ruled out. My current roommate and I found a perfectly good (but wobbly) TV stand next to a dumpster. (I swear it wasn't in it.) If worst comes to worst you can always head over to Home Depot and grab a new piece of plywood. Throw some paint or graffiti on it and you have a perfectly decent dorm room Beirut table.

Now for a pretty big announcement. As I said yesterday was the big one year anniversary and my original plans fell through (can't say what they were because it could be reworked for the future), but some last minute negotiations has lead to something different. You may have noticed a new writer joined the blog yesterday, Mr. Corey Nachman, who boldly chose to use his real name. Corey and I have collaborated a few times in the past (UNH Bucketlist) and he brings some nice writing and real-world experience to the blog. Corey will have his debut  post up tomorrow.

We also have another writer scheduled to join the team by the weekend. She, (that's right she) was the first person to contact me about writing. She sent in a funny email with great ideas and a sample of writing and I think having a female voice on the blog could greatly expand our audience and variety. She plans on writing about once a week so these are just subtle changes that could really help improve the blog. I am still going to write the same as always so it will be like having some bonus posts.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Trying to think of a funny thing to say about you accepting a woman on to your writing staff: i came up empty and with nothing even remotely funny

    ...just don't let her drive you anywhere

  2. I'm trying to think of a funny thing to say about maine guys...the only thing I came up with is: have your balls dropped yet?

    I mean whatever you do...Don't let anyone near that situation.

    live free or die<3

  3. Laughed out loud at the 'that's what she said' comment thrown in there