Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Updates

This weekend only solidified my hate for RA's. Well, technically they were two CA's at the Woodsides, but they still sucked. They felt it was necessary to make everyone leave a small party, which seemed reasonable because we were being kind of loud, but they also made sure to check ID's and take down everyone's name. They gave no warning or anything. When they told to form a line I knew that there were certain people their who would A) need a moment to gather themselves and B) think of a way to avoid giving their name because of who they are/positions they hold. So I grabbed my bag and took my place at the front of the line. Instead of giving a fake name  I handed over my ID because I knew it would better to make it quick. I gave told them my birthdate and informed them I had not been drinking.  And she bought it. Others who were 21 told the truth and some gave fake names. Once outside I waited for a few people to walk back with and assisted others out a back window. Great success. My column in tomorrow's paper while go into further detail about how to deal with RA's so be sure to check that out if you're interested.

In other UNH news, the men's hockey team has just two regular season games left and only one at home. They play second place BC in a home and home series this weekend. They just need to tie one of those games to clinch the top seed for the Hockey East tournament. They will host at least two games in the first round, but they will be after most of campus has left for break so that really sucks. The women's hockey team will be the number 2 seed in their tournament which is held at Providence this year.

The men's basketball team finished their regular season with a big win over first place Stoney Brook. They will face Vermont, the number 2 seed, a team we beat and lost to in overtime, in the first round of the America East Tournament. EDIT (9:35 p.m.) Binghamton, who would have been the 5 seed, dropped from the tournament due to findings in a recent investigation. Therefore UNH as moved up to the 6 seed and will play Maine in the first round who blew us out twice in the regular season.

Stay Classy, Not UMassy.

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