Tuesday, March 9, 2010

UNH Loraxing it up

A reader email from last night tipped me off about something on campus that I found quite amusing. As we all know the wind storm caused some major damage around campus. The majority of this damage was from trees that had fallen or snapped in half. Out in front of Thompson Hall there used to be two pine trees, one of either side of the patio with the flagpole, as seen below. Well, during the storm one of the trees snapped in half towards the top. If you saw it, it was pretty goofy looking.

Old picture, notice the two smaller pine trees to the sides of the stairs in front of the flagpole. 

From this morning, no more pine trees.

If you're gonna cut them down, at least pull the stumps.

As you can see both of the pine trees are now gone. This is because the grounds crew cut down both trees to keep the symmetry. Now, I am not a super green-environmentalist-advocate, nor do I drive a Hummer, but I think it is kind of funny that the other healthy tree was cut down too. Didn't the grounds crew read (or watch) the Lorax as a child? We need the trees! You see, my friends, trees are the answer.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. I love the fact that you referenced The Lorax. You just won a ton of points in my book, and I already loved reading your blog.

    This bothers me because UNH preaches about being green.. going tray-less to save water, installing hand dryers in the bathrooms.. etc, and then their precious image of T-Hall gets asymmetrical, and they have no problem chopping down a tree. Super lame.

  2. and yet if they hadn't cut down the tree and left it looking odd with only one tree you'd probably be writing a column about how ugly it looks

  3. Sam- The Lorax was probably one of my favorite books growing up... I actually work at a tree nursery over the summer too.

    Anon- Honestly, I would not have said that. I didn't even notice it until the reader email.

  4. Thank you for your comments. They should set a better example for their students. It looked much better with the trees there. Unfortunately it takes a lot of noise to get the establishment to notice things like how important the greenery is.

  5. Any groundskeeper worth a shit would keep the look of the area more important than saving one good tree. I'd be really interested to see a budget for groundskeeping at UNH.

  6. Hahaha, leave it to a guy from Maine to be "really interested" in a groudskeeping budget.

    Hey Maine Guy, check out this REALLY interesting parts list I found in my car owner's manual.

  7. I'm from New Hampshire Joe.
    I have interest in business and in being a groundskeeper, knowing what I know, I wouldn't judge any groundskeepers performance unless I knew his financial situation.

  8. Sorry, Maine Guy, the first part of my comment probably came off as a little condescending.

    I stick by my zinger in part two though.