Thursday, March 4, 2010

This week in Dining: Old People want salt too

There was an old guy (like 70ish) sitting at the table next to me. This is what he said: "This goddamn place doesn't have any salt!" He continued to rant about it and I had myself a good laugh. That is all I have to say about dining, other than the fact that the sign I spoke about last week has been removed. I call that a win.

Seeing as I don't have Thursday classes I took the day to going skiing at Cannon Mountain. Their 2 for 1 Thursdays are perfect for a college student. The conditions were as good as I've ever skied and there was hardly any wind at all, which is rare for Cannon. After lunch we hiked over to Mittersill, which is the new expansion planned to fully open next year. Right now it is just an old out-of-commission chairlift with a few narrow trails and glade runs. It was pretty awesome to get in a run over there. The hike isn't too bad at all, but only experienced skiers should give it a shot. I've been skiing for 10 or 12 years and some of it was pretty tough. They plan on adding a new lift and opening up the trails next year so I think Cannon could become a real gem in the future. It already is my second favorite mountain in New Hampshire after Wildcat. I love Wildcat because it is never crowded, you don't have to deal with little kids and slow family skiers and you get most skiing for your money. Wildcat has a 6 minute quad to the top peak and has some of the longest trails in the state. You can't beat that in New Hampshire. A lot of people like Loon, and as a mountain it is not too bad, but the tickets are way over priced and it is crowded 7 days a week. How was your $73 lift ticket? Because I paid $33 (2 for 1) and got in twice the runs. I'm not hating, I'm just saying...

One final note: I would like to say that I honestly do like criticism so I can improve my writing and blogging, but I have been taking a lot of flak over my last article about RAs. I will admit I was on a little rampage that morning, but I need to make something clear. From day one I have said to never take anything I write too seriously because I make fun of different groups of people pretty much every week. I have been doing that on the blog for almost an entire year. (Holy shit!) When I make fun of or criticize cops, the administration, President Huddleston, or dining most people just laugh. (Except for those who work at dining.) But then I joke about how some RAs are on a power-trip and every fucking RA or former RA freaks out. Jeez, lighten up and smoke a joint or something! (Joking, haha... awkward) How come I can poke fun at other groups and you laugh along, but I joke about RAs and some get all defensive? It's like that old saying "If you laugh at one group of people, you got to laugh at them all." Besides, the main point of that article was to simply state that sometimes taking names down isn't necessary for first time offenders. I have been criticized before, but I never have and never will change what I do or say. 

Stay Classy, not UMassy. 


  1. There was an older woman sitting at the table behind me last night and she turned around as I was using the pepper mill to tell me how ridiculous she thinks they are

  2. I don't think it is because people can handle laughing at themselves. It's more because rather than making fun of them the way you usually do, you added generalizations and more importantly, you made fun of some people who reads your blog, thats why its different from president Hud. and the UNH police

  3. ^^
    or...RAs have no friends (that's why they're RAs)

  4. Tool Academy 4 is going to be a bunch of UNH RA's