Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thoughts on Spring Climax

Let me start this off by saying I was very happy to see SCOPE book MGMT for a show. I think this will be a great concert and many students were obviously pleased seeing how quickly it sold out. I was in line at 8:30 a.m. and finally was able to buy a ticket just after 12:30. During those four hours I missed two classes because I determined that MGMT > latin and anthropology. Also, some friends had required classes or tests that they couldn't miss. I was in line to buy three tickets, one for me, one for my roommate and one for a friend who doesn't go to UNH. Needless to say the 200 non-student tickets went fast so I bought a third student ticket for a kid who couldn't wait longer (and I made $5 for it.) Anyways, a lot of people were very upset to learn the show sold out before they could get tickets, especially those who waited in line all morning. Take a peek at this email one blog reader sent in:

"It's disappointing that Scope booked an artist that isn't going to play in the Whit to allow the most amount of the student population to see the show.  I skipped a mandatory class and I know my friends and other people skipped their classes and missed tests to wait in line.  Some were lucky to get a ticket but most of them, like me,  just waited and wasted their time to find out that the show was sold out. Why would Scope pick a band that didn't want to play for a large group of kids?  It doesn't make sense when there are 12,000+ undergrads at UNH. I like the that Scope mixed it up and chose MGMT and was really looking forward to the show but they should've picked a band that was willing to play for a larger audience since there's such a large group of people here or at least work things out with MGMT to get them to play at the Whit.  Someone said Akon had about 5,000-6,000 kids but the Spring CLIMAX is only going to have 2,400?!  I feel bad for the Seniors this year that wanted but didn't get a ticket, this is their last Climax and they won't be a part of it.  Students should at least get some of their $93 student activity fee back if Scope isn't going to give them an opportunity to purchase a ticket that they already basically half paid for.  I know you are excited to see MGMT lets see you use some of your pull and try to get more of the UNH students the ability to enjoy the show by trying to get the show moved to the Whit.  I read your blog everyday and if you can get UNH dining shaking in their boots you're my hope to try and reach out to Scope.  I really want to see this show. Thanks."

First of all, that was an awesome email to read, so thank you. I do own dining, but they are run by immature and self-conscience adults who are much easier to piss of than students who get bitched at 4 times a year for not booking everybody's favorite band. I said before that I wouldn't bash on SCOPE because I think they did a great job landing MGMT, but I completely understand where this reader is coming from. So, as much as it pains me, I am not going to take a side for once. I think that SCOPE needs to respect MGMT's request for the smaller venue, but don't forget last year's climax with Lupe was also scheduled for the field house and later moved into the Whit. Personally, I have always felt that the field house actually has better sound quality than the Whit. With such a high ceiling and open concourse the sound can become lost and distorted in the Whit. On the other side of the spectrum I feel terrible for people who had to wait in line without getting a ticket in the end. I would have been absolute rip-shit if that happened to me... and you would never here the end of it.

However, I feel there were two main problems that go beyond who is playing and where. The first is that non-student tickets should not be sold until the day after student tickets go on sale. And they should be treated as regular tickets if the student tickets sellout. 200 activity-fee-paying-UNH students cannot attend this concert because non-student tickets went on sale at the same time. I think that is the most unfair situation of all. The second problem was SCOPE members being terrible at organization. When I entered the GSR at 8:30 this morning I was asked if I was paying cash or credit. I said cash and was directed to one line. After about an hour I saw a sign that said "cash and student tickets only," and I was planning on buying one non-student ticket. (So I would have been a part of the first problem, back off.) So I needed to switch lines and in another hour we were told non-student tickets were sold out. I then switched back into the cash line and eventually (2 hours later) got my tickets. I don't understand why in the beginning that the SCOPE member didn't tell me that it was cash and students only. Luckily I realized this before it was too late, or I might have been out a ticket too.

At least SCOPE doesn't charge ridiculous fees like ticket master. Check out this screen shot I took after purchasing a ticket to see Gogol Bordello in Boston:
Really? $8.05 convenience charge? $2.95 to oder online and $2.50 to print a ticket. Bullshit!

I had to pay $40.50 for a $27 ticket! Whatever, I guess between that and waiting in line for 4 hours today will be worth it to see two sick concerts two nights apart. Before I leave I really would like to see SCOPE contact MGMT and inquire about a larger show at the Whit. How nice would it be to see MGMT outdoors at night? Or how about they say fuck fire code and sell more tickets for the field house! That thing ain't burning down!

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Brother, I think you're wildly mistaken about Field House vs. Whit sound quality. The Field House is probably the shittiest venue I've ever been to sound-wise. It's a gigantic square room and the sound bounces off the walls back into itself. Not saying the Whit is any good either, but the Field House is a sound graveyard.

    I saw the Roots at the Field House my freshman year on 4/20. Needless to say it was an experience. The Roots played great, but the sound was atrocious. The next year Third Eye Blind played there, and they sounded only slightly better because I was in the first row.

    I just don't get why MGMT were so hellbent on playing an "intimate setting." It's not like the Field House is the goddamn Orpheum, far from it. It's a gym. And it's sad they've shut out thousands of students for that pompous reason. Hopefully they'll reconsider.

  2. i was one of the students who was directed to the cash line, was buying non-student tickets and didn't realize it until it was too late...i missed out an i'm pissed about it

    i understand scope's position on respecting mgmt's request to play in front of a smaller audience, but if that is something mgmt is not going to budge on, then they shouldn't have been booked in the first place, it is a college crowd at a large college campus, the fact that there were only 18% of the student body was only able to get tickets is pretty bullshit in my opinion, how can you even have part in the activity fee if so few students have access to the tickets?! if the show were in the whit then about 1/2 of the student body would have been able to get access to the tickets, which is much more reasonable...

    the acoustics suck in both buildings, so why not just have it in the whit, where they can hold a larger crowd, and if the group doesn't want to play in front of a large college crowd, then book somebody else, i love mgmt, but if they don't want to put on a show for a college audience then don't let them!

  3. Scope should look into selling tickets online and either having the tickets print off or just have students pick it up. Students could type in their ID number to prove that they are enrolled. That way we wouldn't have to wait in line forever and there would be less problems with organization.

  4. Scope should look into selling tickets online and have the tickets print off or just have students pick them up when they have a chance. Students could type in their student ID number to prove that they are enrolled. Students could pay with credit, debit, cats cache, or even use it to reserve the ticket and pay cash when they go pick up the tickets. This would get around the problem of waiting in line for 3-4 hours and Scope wouldn't screw up with organization.

  5. Well, there are going to be problems in any ticket line. If SCOPE had done a line that was cash&non student tickets, then the problem would have been that once those nonstudent tickets sell out, where do those students in line go? Either way there is going to be a problem, and I think SCOPE did a great job handling the situation. Don't forget, they are an organization that handles a HUGE budget and really does take into consideration the opinions of the campus. They can't please everyone, and they have to respect what ever artist they bring demands. SAFC would not have approved the concert if they didn't think scope wasn't living up to it's mission statement.

    the other point I want to make is that they have to sell non student tickets no matter what, because that is twice the revenue they will make, and any bit of money helps, because that just goes to help the possibility of booking another show. I am glad that you aren't bashing scope for once, I don't think people realize the amount of work these people do. I am sure that it is not like they wake up every morning and are like "hmm, I wonder how I can piss of UNH today". They can't please everyone, and I am happy that you realize that NOW that you are happy that they booked MGMT . Hope you can keep that in mind in the future for when they inevitably book a show that you do not like.

  6. I highly doubt MGMT will not play for a larger audience... They played in front of a packed house at Fenway...

    UNH Scope Conspiracy? I think so

  7. I waited in that line before class (and the lack of non-student tickets) derailed my quest.

    I think that it is great that they like smaller venues; I'm just bummed out the show couldn't be outdoors for everyone to enjoy...

    Oh, and the SCOPE ticket sales methods were crappy, I think a lot of people agree.