Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Like a Pro: Comin' Down the Homestretch

My fellow UNH students, today is March 30, which means two things. First, it is the one-year anniversary of my blog – approximately 364 days more than I thought it would last – but more importantly there are only 40 days until finals week. That means that there are only six weekends left to study and prepare for exams. And by “study and prepare” you should very well know by now that I mean weekends left to party. This is college, the weather is getting nice in Durham and soon it will be summer vacation.

To me, summer vacation means that I’ll be waking up three hours earlier every day and working outside in hot and humid weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love that I get to work outside, but I rather enjoy being at UNH. If you ask me, I am already on vacation because I get to sleep in every day of the week and hangout and relax almost every night. Sure, I go to classes during the day and I have a lot of homework, but with proper time-management college is actually not too bad. Although I am writing this at midnight on a Sunday because I watched cartoons all day, that is not the point. Because I forgot what the point of this column was halfway through that paragraph. Is it possible to catch ADD this late in life?

Let me try and get back on track. You know that old saying, “There is a time and a place for that and it is called college”? Well, we are in college, so that time and place is right now. Have fun. Enjoy yourselves now because before you know it, you’ll be in the real world with infinitely more responsibilities.

Speaking of having fun, what could be more fun than eating a burrito at two in the morning? Well you are in luck because Irie Taco has started its late-night hours. I’m taking credit for it because I recommended this to the owner the first time I went and he said he would think about it. You welcome, UNH. Their chicken burrito could very well rival Kurt’s cheesy fries and D-Hop slices as my top choice for third-dinner. Irie Taco is located at the loop next to the Mills and behind Huddleston Hall.

Speaking of the name Huddleston, thanks to Twitter I have a whole new appreciation for our university’s president. I call them Huddletweets. His tweets really show how much time goes into running UNH from attending meetings to giving lectures to mid-morning runs to IHOP. So really, apart from attending lectures and meetings, we aren’t so different.<

I would also like to take this opportunity to make a few quick announcements. On Tuesday and Thursday of this week there will be a table in the MUB from 12:40 to 2:00 p.m. looking for student signatures in support of a Good Samaritan policy at UNH. This is something that really could make a difference on campus in regards to the safety of students so please take a moment this week to sign the petition.

While on the topic of politics, the past few years there has been a terribly low voter turnout for student senate elections. These are the students who help make changes for the better of the student body. So if you’re like me and you really support a cause on campus, such as a Good Samaritan or medical amnesty policy, this year’s voting may be more important then ever before. So make sure you remember to vote on April 20. Wait, what? Yes, that’s right, this year’s student senate elections are on 4/20. To the people who don’t see the problem with that date, thank you in advance for remembering to vote. Although, this could be a giant conspiracy: I mean if only 5 percent of campus votes, will the winners actually get elected? We need to find out who decided on this date and check to see if they are on the ballot. Something smells funny here and it isn’t the room down the hall blasting Bob Marley.

Lastly, on Friday, May 7, Barstoolpalooza is coming to UNH, featuring Sam Adams in the Granite State Room thanks to Alpha Sigma Phi. Even though I am not a fan of Sam Adams and I am much more excited for MGMT, I think that it is awesome that a non-entertainment organization stepped up to the plate when others couldn’t pull the trigger. I hope this will lead to more organizations putting on small concerts with semi-local and semi-well known acts. Hopefully this could lead to more up-and-coming acts here at UNH.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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