Monday, November 30, 2009

Conversion of Smith Hall

If any of you are in the 2009-2010 UNH facebook group you may have received this message from our student body President and VP:
Hello Everyone,  
There are plans in action to convert Smith Hall into an administrative building. In order for us to change their plans we as students need to make a strong, united stance on this topic. Please tell us how you feel about this, if you are for or against it and why. Also please make sure to tell us which dorm you live in or if you live off campus. Thank you for your input!

- Charlotte and Richie

I think that it is an outrage that the UNH administration would be willing to change the rich tradition of Smith Hall on campus. Smith Hall is the oldest residence hall on campus and it has been home to the International Living Theme for years now. Smith Hall was finished in 1908 and was originally built as an all-female dorm. It may not be the nicest dorm, but every year students choose to live there because of the tradition and diversity of the International theme.

Smith Hall circa 1915

The Smith Hall we know today.
Turning Smith Hall into administrative buildings would just be another step that UNH would take to ruin it's rich history. UNH needs to be able to recognize and appreciate it's century old history. New buildings and dorms are always nice, but there should be a good balance of new and old to remind us how UNH has grown over the years.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. To whoever wrote the last comment: Smith IS the nicest dorm!

    Smith has a rich history and a wonderful, welcoming culture and community. Taking that away would be the biggest mistake UNH could make.

    Once a Smithie, Always a Smithie.