Thursday, November 19, 2009

National Go to Class Drunk Day

Today, the third Thirsty Thursday of November, is national go to class drunk day. Therefore I am writing this post after a few Roman cokes. I hope that doesn't show too bad...
 I have also been watching the show "Weeds" lately, in fact I am hooked on it. It is fucking awesome. So this post will be dedicated to me rambling about weed and how I like it and why I think it should be legal. I will try to avoid of sounding too hippy or liberal, because quite honestly I am actually pretty independent with my political views.
First, I should state that I actually don't smoke that much. Usually just once every few weeks, but I still support the legalization of it. Abraham Lincoln once said "Prohibition makes a crime out of things that are not crimes." George Washington once wrote, "make the most you can of the Indian hemp seed. Sow it everywhere." And this guy was a douche.
Think of the possibilities if government could tax legal marijuana cigarettes. This probably won't happen for a long time, if ever, because of the pull of pharmaceutical companies on politics. It is the same way as the oil companies have a hold on environmental policies and "bribe" companies (cough GM): 

Legalizing marijuana would eliminate the need for the dozens of pain killers, anxiety and depression medications and other pills that currently are prescribed to thousands millions of Americans. Even though legalization would probably be a good thing, businesses throughout the country would face severe profit loss, which is a major issue preventing the legalization of marijuana.

Here is a first hand experience that I believe I have shared before briefly, but I feel it is necessary to restate. A week after I graduated high school I went down to Children's Hospital in Boston for some major jaw surgery. The surgery took eight hours and when I finally came through I was put on oxycontin. I had (and still do have) four metal plates in my upper jaw and at the time I needed medication for the pain. Although I was extremely happy with the results, the following few days would be the most miserable time of my life. Every time I took a pill I would start puking my brains out (which hurt like hell because my fucking jaw was broken in four places) and then pass out and have crazy dreams. I ended up flushing the pills down the toilet and getting Tylenol. It didn't help the pain as much, but at least I wouldn't be puking my brains out. If I could have had marijuana, this experience would have been so much easier. I couldn't chew for about six weeks, at least if I had some legal pot I could have skipped the pain and puking stages.

Marijuana is a natural plant. Just like tobacco. It is more natural, and has less severe effects, than alcohol. I think that it is time we educate our neighbors, and realize the facts. It may take a while, but if we take baby steps, and one step at a time, it can be done.

We all know (or at least should know) that Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have all admitted to smoking marijuana. They probably did more than that too, it is a fact that Bush enjoyed a little cocaine during his days at Yale. This is a picture of Bill and Hillary Clinton:

Does this really need an explanation?
While campaigning Obama was asked if he inhaled when he smoked pot and he replied "Isn't that the point?"

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. What the hell is Roman Cokes.... hahahahah. Do you mean rum and coke

  2. yeah... its how some people call them rum n' coke... roman coke.

  3. yeah its how drunk people say it...

  4. First electric Truck was invented in the early 1900s...