Friday, April 2, 2010

Breaking News: Sam Adams and Stoolapalooza probably not coming to UNH

I am pretty buzzed right now, so I'm keeping this short and sweet. Yes, it is true. As of right now it looks like Sam Adams and Stoolapalooza are not coming to UNH. Check out Barstool Sports for the full story, but this is pretty much what happened: Alpha Sigma Phi booked them and was doing everything right. The show was all set to go, but the UNH admin and the MUB found out that Stoolapalooza was sponsored by Southern Comfort (EVEN THOUGH THE UNH SHOW WASN'T SINCE IT IS ON CAMPUS) and they cut the show. UNH has a policy to not allow alcohol sponsored events on campus, which makes sense... except for the fact the the UNH show was NOT being sponsored by SoCo! I'm not even a Sam Adams fan and this pisses me off. Needless to say that El Pres of Barstool ripped Scope (for not taking the show in the first place) and UNH a new one on Barstool. Welcome to the club El Pres, I've been preaching about their (UNH Admin and Scope's) inconsistency for over a year.

I completely understand that this recent discovery is not Scope's fault, but hey, Barstool took this opportunity to rip them so why not? And if any Scoper's try and bitch to me about how it wasn't their fault, I already know it is not your fault.

It is easy to say it is El Pres' fault too, but he actually made sure that SoCo would not be apart of the UNH show. Apparently that didn't matter because the other shows on the tour were sponsored  by SoCo.

Also, I owe SCOPE a thanks, last time I made fun of them the blog received twice the normal page hits... so fuck them? But good luck in the future.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. This shit is all El Pres' fault! If he wasn't such a dumbass and annouced the show before checking with the administration to make sure it was okay, then so many kids wouldn't have been let down! What tool bag. You think Sam Adams is going to give a shit about you after this tour is over? You're just a 30 year old who gets no ass and sits on his blog site all day. I was so excited to see Sam Adams and now it's not happeneing! Thanks for nothing El fuckhead... Way to get over 2000 kids excited for NOTHING.

  2. Kid sucks anyways

  3. and all i wanted to do was try to hit on sammyadams :(


  4. Really Prez???
    That's weeeaak.. step your game up and actually book the show instead of blaming the school and everyone else.
    PS- Find a better act next time too, loser.

  5. I'm pretty sure that SCOPE being mentioned in a "huge" blog is just better for them. Ya know, any publicity is good publicity and all that shit.

    Also, my buddy is in that frat and they were asking SCOPE left and right how to put on this show.

  6. I have no idea how El Pres can blame anyone else but himself. I mean he basically sat on his ass and on vacation while everyone else (the frat that booked Sam/Scope/UNH) did the work for him, while he was gonna make a bunch of money off it. Now he's bitching about all the money he lost because he has NO IDEA what he's doing. This should be a good lesson for him to grow a pair and do something himself for once.

    And I also heard, from my friend in the frat and a kid I know from SCOPE, that the frat was asking scope how to put on the show and SCOPE was helping them, it wasn't that SCOPE didn't want to do it, but rather the fact that it went against their mission statement and UNH policy.

  7. My buddies are in that frat, and they told me all that the guys running it asked scope for was help to find a decent lighting/sound company...and scope did point them in the right direction.